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In the Search for the Perfect Mimosa, Take 5

Not counting roses and irises that got all the attention (and posts) during the corresponding Months, there is no other note about which I’d write that many times. 906 more words

"Four Legs Good"

Celebrating Missed Opportunities

As I’ve mentioned more than once, I live in the area where we have two seasons: summer and the rest of the year. I do not complain: I love our weather (even when I wish we’d have more rain) and think that our climate is one of the best possible. 757 more words

Favorite Perfumes

Spring seeking, Sonoma Scent Studio Bee's Bliss

There are many ways to combat a winter grim. Some wear their most comforting vanilla or amber fragrances to keep warm. Others might actually go on holiday at that time, escaping to a warm country where they can laze away for a week or two. 615 more words

Perfume Review

SSS: SSS B'sB and More

When I started my Second Sunday Samples series, I thought of referring to it as SSS Series but since in Perfumeland that abbreviation is usually used for… 852 more words

Favorite Perfumes

A Postcard from Undina: Sonoma – Love and Tears

Almost 10 years ago our friends took us to one of the wineries that they liked – Paradise Ridge. It was the last day of a beautiful 3-day Sonoma trip mid-December, right in between two big holidays with inevitable crowds, so we had most of the places to ourselves. 959 more words

"Four Legs Good"

Review: Sonoma Scent Studio Yin and Ylang

Today I continue my preoccupation with ylang ylang based perfumes with a repeat wearing of Sonoma Scent Studio (God, I wish she would shorten that name!) Yin and Ylang.  1,100 more words


Yin & Ylang by Laurie Erickson for Sonoma Scent Studio 2014

Erica Golding

Hello fragrance junkies all over the world!
It’s summer all up in my hemisphere, and I’ve just discovered a gorgeous perfume that I wager would be equally perfect to bring a breath of wanderlust to a chilly Aussie winter’s day. 280 more words