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As You Are About To Match Into A New Year In The Month Of January 2017 In The Name Of Jesus Christ You Shall Encounter God With UnLimited Grace That Will Grant You The Access To Operate In The Supernatural that will produce double BreakThrough In Your Spirittal Life, Ministry, Career, Business, Finance, Academic, Marriage/Marital Status, And Every Areas Of Your Live Shall Receive The Light Of God Which Everyone Related To You Shall Be A Partaker Of God’s Blessing in Your Life In Jesus Name. 30 more words


The Mystery of the "Holy One of Israel"

“I and my Father are One…”

A major prerequisite in becoming a manifested son of God is knowing Him that is from the beginning. The sons of God will know Him and the power of His resurrection. 2,294 more words


Daily Inspiration, September 22nd


“Man is the family name for all ideas, —the sons and daughters of God.” (Science and Health, page 515)

God created man. He created a family. 315 more words

Daily Inspiration

"Forgive Them"--In Training to Be a Royal Priest

I asked God, How do I love other people–people that I meet that I don’t even know?

I did not get an answer immediately, but in two or three days this thought just “popped” into my mind: “You’ve got to forgive them.” 885 more words


Realize Breath

Realize Breath

Every man, woman and child,

If you have ears, listen close

Independence of country exists

From the foundation

Of who we exist to be, 83 more words


An Optimist's Confession or Your Orders

Inspired by study of Revelations and current world events

I refuse to give in to fear. This reality is not mine – I know a greater one.  123 more words


Son's and Daughters of GOD

Here is your word for today:

1 Samuel 12:22

‘For the sake of His great name the Lord
will not reject His people, because the Lord was pleased to make you His… 93 more words