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Poetic Justice - Chapter 12


The digital clock blinked on the glass nightstand. The red numbers mirrored onto the top. Her eyes shifting between the clock and the door of the hotel room as she lay in the center of the large king bed. 2,093 more words


Under Her Wing - Chapter 12

Mina came home from work early to find Jax still in bed. She walked into her room and sat on the edge next to him. His glazed eyes staring blankly at the ground, she ran her fingertips down his back. 2,819 more words


That Was Then, This Is Now - Chapter 12

Nora was up early. No alarm clock necessary. She was more than ready to get the fuck out of this town and all of its turmoil. 1,717 more words


Poetic Justice - Chapter 11

“What do you know about the MC?”

Leila looked at him, sitting on the opposite side of the room from her, he was nervous. She’d never seen him as nervous as he was now. 2,714 more words


Under Her Wing - Chapter 11

After taking Mina home that night, Jax had one more issue to take care of before he could rest for the night. Chris still tied up at the warehouse and Jax was going to see to it that he never bothered his girl again. 4,427 more words


That Was Then, This Is Now - Chapter 11

It had been three days since the club went on lockdown. Tensions inside were high with the Queen and Princess not speaking to eachother. Nobody knew what the fight was about and neither would talk but even the SONS had noticed. 3,165 more words


Week One

So I made it to my first day off of the deployment. Exciting! I don’t have anything video game related to write about, but I just wanted to check in so that this blog doesn’t just fade away into nothingness. 375 more words

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