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SOA Mayans MC Spinoff

Sons of Anarchy still till this day is one of my favorite shows & miss that it is no longer on the air. & i loved that show for many reasons. 90 more words

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Part 6 Sons of Anarchy Compound

This the sixth and final video in the series. I hope you enjoyed following along as I built this scene on my layout.

Train Layout Updates

C2E2 2016 Review

In a time when there seems to be new conventions popping up every year, C2E2 has produced a quality event year after year.  In a time when the larger cons have become corporatized,  ReedPop still manages to make C2E2 feel like a show that feels like home.   719 more words


Sons of Anarchy compound photo updates

Here are some pics of the Sons of Anarchy Compound. It is mostly done now except for a few clutter details and of course the motorcycles.

Train Layout Updates

'Scandal' & More TV Shows Tackle Abortion Issue Head-On

TV loves to show characters hooking up. Steamy moments punctuate countless TV episodes, but the topics of contraception and abortion? Many shows would rather run for the hills than address them directly. 1,133 more words


I swear I had nothing to do with this

We all make mistakes:

Drying boxer briefs in the microwave

Bathing your cat.

Kanye West.

But when it happens in a newspaper, it’s like taking that same mistake and repeating it, say… 15,000 times… then handing it out to people to make sure they saw it. 206 more words

Ned Hickson