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Sons Of Anarchy Movie In The Works Starring...

Kurt Sutter, creator of SOA, has announced that plans are in place to create a major motion picture around the movie.

According to V-Twin Life… 90 more words


Why I am enjoying "Sons of Anarchy" Much More Now That It's Over

My main problem with TV series is time and schedule. Watching one series after the other of my favourite TV show is clearly exciting (and time consuming), but having to synchronise my desire to watch the latest episode with airing dates has always been an issue for me. 545 more words


Burn baby burn! #2

As I learn how to pyrography, I feel like I’m slowly improving. Sure, I still need to practice shading and just the general techniques but I think I’m getting there. 175 more words


The 4 Issues of my holidays

I had some time off coming and, with incredible wisdom, I decided to take it now.

My ideal holiday involves resting, reading and writing. In any order. 585 more words


Post #4 - TV and Movies 

I’ve never read a book, like a big book. I just get bored and lose concentration then I get half way through a page and have no idea what I’ve just read. 1,702 more words

Watch Jack Gyllenhaal Hit Hard in ‘Southpaw’ Trailer

The result of Jack Gyllenhaal’s work can be seen in the first trailer of the film. 123 more words


What I've Been Watching: March 2015

This is basically a “Netflix Picks” post but since I recently got a Hulu Plus subscription I can no longer call these “Netflix Picks” and “Hulu Plus and Netflix Picks” just doesn’t roll off the tongue. 447 more words