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This Weeks Addiction: Sons of Anarchy

SAMCRO are out of control. A criminal biker gang led by a man determined to take his anger out on the world and ride his club through hell’s fiery gates, casually shooting any devils foolish enough to get in the way. 292 more words


Tinsley Transfers Biker Tattoos Sneak Peek

We have a great new range of Biker Tinsley Transfers Temporary Tattoos on their way and we want to give you a sneak peek of a couple of the Tattoos… 79 more words


Borrowing from Shakespeare - Sons of Anarchy and Wyrd Sisters

I don’t know if William Shakespeare really is the most influential writer in literary history. As someone who grew up Britain, it feels like it. And within my cultural experience, he’s certainly the writer that others lean on the most, borrowing openly from his work to make connections with an audience. 817 more words


Daredevil Renewed for Second Season

Netflix’s first of many Marvel shows, “Daredevil,” has just been renewed for a second season, according to Cinema Blend.

The series, based on the Marvel comic book series, follows Matt Murdock, a lawyer in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen who, after being blinded by toxic waste as a kid, gained heightened senses and uses them to fight crime as the vigilante initially known as The Man in the Mask. 105 more words


R is for Roooooaaaaar!

Can you tell that I’m struggling with the A to Z Challenge? My theme is nerd life and my brain is blank. So I’m deviating from the theme today and am letting my mind go in whatever direction it takes. 279 more words


On Crying

I’m pretty soppy most of the time.

I cry over films, books, television programmes, music, art.  The lot.  If something’s even remotely sentimental, I’m likely to tear up. 219 more words


Music Monday and Some Free Stuff

Some of you might remember this song from Sons Of Anarchy. Joshua James is the artist, and the song is Coal War. It played during the opening montage of season 4: 186 more words