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4 TV Shows that Never Got as much Fame as they Deserved

Lack of marketing, lack of awareness, who knows why these four shows did not pick up in popularity.  If I have one more person ask me if I watch How I Met your Mother, I’m going to go insane.   397 more words


The Bastard Executioner Axed

It was acclaimed writer Kurt Sutter’s first televison project after the hugely successful Sons of Anarchy, but The Bastard Executioner failed to find the audience of the Hells Angels show and has been axed after just one disappointing season. 78 more words


Kurt Sutter Executes The Executioner

Sons of Anarchy writer Kurt Sutter has made the surprise announcement that he is pulling the plug on The Bastard Executioner after a single season. Sutter may have created one of the best-loved dramas of modern times with Sons of Anarchy but sadly for Sutter the new show just did not reach the same heights as it predecessor.

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Kurt Sutter Just Executed The Bastard Executioner: "I Don't Want to Write Something That Nobody's F—ing Watching"

I never watched The Bastard Executioner.  I don’t personally know anyone who has.  I know that people who write about TV for a living are apparently duty-bound to adore… 779 more words

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Kurt Sutter Just Canceled His Own Show with a 'Hollywood Reporter' Ad

The famously, uh, mercurial Sons of Anarchy creator may not have figured out how to start The Bastard Executioner, but he certainly knows how to end it. 220 more words


Poetic Justice: Chapter 23

“Where are you?” Gemma’s troubled tone came through the phone.

Jax sat up straight, immediately alarmed. “At TM, what’s going on?”

“Get to Leila’s. Now.” 2,495 more words


'The Bastard Executioner' Axed After One Season On FX; Kurt Sutter Eulogizes His Passion Project & Eyes 'SOA' Spinoff Next

Kurt Sutter’s 14th century Sons Of Anarchy follow-up The Bastard Executioner has been canceled after its first season. Rather than allow the FX and Fox 21 TV Studios drama to simply fade away after 10 episodes, Sutter has taken the unusual step of helping the network make the decision and buying farewell ads on Deadline and the Hollywood trades to thank his cast and crew — and the network that ultimately had to swing the ax because the show wasn’t generating enough ratings growth quickly enough to justify the cost of a Wales-set period drama. 1,634 more words