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My twelve year old son is rebelling ...

My twelve-year-old son is rebelling. He never does homework. He refuses to do anything to help around the house and to top it off, now he has a thirteen year old girlfriend who smokes pot and who I feel is a bad influence on him. 416 more words


My 6 year old cries every morning when getting dressed ...

My 6-year-old cries every morning when getting dressed because nothing ever fits him comfortably.

I’ve tried every type of clothing but the result is always the same. 143 more words


My son is a perfectionist and extremely anxious about making any kind of mistake ...

My son is a perfectionist and extremely anxious about making any kind of mistake.

He is 11, very bright, but kind of shy. Please let me know what I can do to help him. 207 more words


Paring down.

I’m half sitting, half lying on my bed, the laptop on my raised thigh, a glass of Pinot Noir just left of me on my mother’s old trousseau kist next to the bed. 399 more words

Food Memoir

Show #4. Allowances - Or Show ME the MONEY

This week our show brings on our first Guest Dad, Brian Wright. Brian has 3 kids, two young boys and a early teen daughter!

The guys discuss allowances and money, is it earned or expected?   66 more words


Fathers, take these 2 thoughts to heart...

With all that you, as a father have going on in your head (work responsibilities, finances, etc.), please take some time to consider how things are going with your children and your vision for them. 92 more words


{ Happy Birthday Judah!!! }

I am completely overwhelmed with emotion at the thought of my baby turning 3. There is something about 3 that crosses over from baby to little boy, and I am not ok with it! 162 more words