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Today I feel ugly

This morning I woke up early and was getting ready to go to breakfast with my grandma and the girls. I look in the mirror and automatically feel disgusted with myself because after working so hard to lose 50 pounds I have gained 15 back. 811 more words

I wait for words to come

either through my hands

or to my tongue.

Instead, they slip unheard down my cheek

describing dreams and sanguine plans… 92 more words


Before You Begin

The thump, thump from the tiny foot

Kicking from inside

Brings tears to the eyes

Of the mother ready to meet her precious son

“Stay inside,” says the mother to the… 19 more words

Finding Nemo (2003)

Sure we could jaw about the recuperative power of the paternal and how it became a thing in US movies after 9/11 but we’ve done that, kinda, and we could jar about how irritating animations are since the Noughties cos they’re always about parents trying to be heroes to their kids (yawn) … but there’s a reason this was Prince’s favourite film. 161 more words


...beginning to manifest.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that will take the kingdom.

. the tribulation is beginning to manifest.

. the kingdom is beginning to manifest. 15 more words


Packing to Go

I am busy packing for a trip to Australia to see my family.  It’s just me and the kids going, we are trusting Hubby to look after the garden, the dog, the hamster and to keep the house clean <insert hysterical panicked laughter here>. 602 more words



My son and I were shopping, checking items off his packing list for camp. So many things he needed this year, it seemed, perhaps because he was going to a different camp for a more intensive week of training. 446 more words