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Show 43: The Pilots Part Two. Girl, What a Story

We couldn’t keep The “Pilots” away (really why would we?) and of course, they continue to roll us over the coals and we certainly deserve it. 235 more words


I wish

This is a conversation which happened between my neighbour (D) and my son (M)

M: Mummy look its D, Hello D

D: Hello M How are you… 67 more words


A boy's recipe for toast and good will

Whenever my wife has to work a morning shift, I go in to work late so I can take the boys to school. I don’t look forward to these mornings for many reasons. 502 more words


Giving Thanks

So much has happened in a matter of weeks, that I just had to stop and give thanks. It is so cliche to be so thankful around Thanksgiving, it seems the only time that people remember to give thanks. 85 more words

The Daily Grind

Day 24

Seth…I am grateful for you Seth. When you came into Sarah’s life, you also brightened mine. I love your political view points, your abilities with design, the help you have given us with our designs…when ever we ask. 31 more words

Little Lawyers

The boys are not allowed to watch TV during the week.  But my friends, if there is a loophole to find, they will find it.  Here’s just one. 216 more words


Another Unforgettable Day - Assignment Day 16

I deeply appreciate the comments and private messages to my One Unforgettable Day post, especially those from people who are only getting to know me. I sometimes wonder if today’s American culture overlooks the genuine sacrifices the entire families of our Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders and their Technical Support Teams (the most unsung, every day heroes) make on behalf of the common good. 409 more words

Blogging U: Writing 101