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How I embrace my son's language of numbers

By Rachel W. Turner

“The vitamins go on five.” I was standing in front of the open pantry with a bottle of Flintstones Gummies in my hand and an insistent four-year-old at my knees. 1,014 more words



Wally: You know I’ll never have a mom like the country songs. The ones where my mom is my biggest fan. I’ll never know what that means. 323 more words


We love you Mum

And we have to say

It’s not fair you only get one day

When every second of every minute

We thank the Universe for putting you in it…

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Kait King Author


No children at home

At least temporarily,

It’s elsewhere they’ll roam

I must focus on me, primarily




Most parents can only dream of sleep. It’s one of the most discussed topics in parenting circles. Your children are either awesome at it, or crap at it, and it’s the olympic gold of parenting if they are champions of sleep. 1,308 more words

The Balance Journey

Moment 62

I am thinking of how this meager, fallible, simple body of mine created two perfect, fragile beings. It stills my heart. It does.


It’s a word that gets thrown around often.  Not just with me; we all use it.  Busy.  We’re ALL busy.  Caps, bold, italics.

“Sorry I never got back to you; I’ve been so busy!” 575 more words