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Sony Ericsson Brings 16-Megapixel Cyber-Shot S006 Cell Phone to KDDI

KDDI has recently announced its greatest news and it is doing best to bury itself amongst so many other phones that has been announced. The new phone is by Sony that is 16.4-mega pixel CMOS sensor and we would not just slip by it. 437 more words

Part II - What Do You Most Look For When Selecting A Business Cell Phone (e.g. Smart Phone, PDA)?

I asked this question of a large business networking community recently….. “What features/factors do you consider most important when choosing a business cell phone….and why?”Here’s more of their answers for your education and enjoyment:* “It’s going to sound dull, but…business benefit and value for money.Assuming you’ve got a corporate tarriff sorted, then I’d be looking for ….* economy* connectivity – e.g. 1,250 more words

Cellphones: What happened to the good stuff?

Communication devices – cellphones, smartphones, even pagers too. Are the necessary? At what point did such technology evolve from a need into a want? Or are they still needs? 608 more words

Honda Siel Power Products Limited vs Deputy Commissioner Of Income Tax

Revenue to prove existence of International Transaction ; Bright Line Test (BLT) not applicable in case of AMP expenditure

Delhi HC: December 23, 2015

IN THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT NEW DELHI + ITA 346/2015 Reserved on: September 21, 2015 Date of decision: December 23, 2015 HONDA SIEL POWER PRODUCTS LIMITED ….. 7,823 more words

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5 mẫu điện thoại "tung hoành ngang dọc" một thời của Sony Ericsson

Cách đây khoảng gần chục năm, liên minh Nhật Bản – Thụy Điển, Sony Ericsson, khá nổi tiếng trong thị trường di động với những mẫu điện thoại mang phong cách thiết kế cao cấp, camera mạnh mẽ và tính năng nghe nhạc. 1,061 more words

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Henpon Lama Aku (2)...

Kalau tak salah penghujung tahun 2011 dulu aku ada post pasal henpon-henpon yang pernah digunakan sehingga masa tu. Ada lapan sejak 30 Ogos 2000. Untuk memudahkan korang tengok, aku kumpulkan gambar semua model henpon tu. 1,032 more words

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