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Visiting Canada’s 10 provinces is part of my bucket list. So far, I’ve visited 3 provinces already: Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. This photo was taken in Porteau Cove in BC last summer. 51 more words


Time To Aim For Another Star

From what I have been seeing in blogs and such, it appears that Samsung is bowing out of the DSLR business. A quick look at the major photography business’ websites will show a dwindling amount of Samsung products – cameras, batteries, etc. 190 more words


SRD 2016

Taken with just the kit lenses.

Sony Nex

The Sony RX100iv; An in-depth Review


The RX100iv, is not a casual user’s camera – it is a serious photographer’s tool. That’s not to say a number of P&Sers won’t buy, and effectively use it. 5,329 more words



There was a beautiful downpour yesterday, completely welcome after a particularly hot day. As the sun was setting, I was in awe of some of the most beautiful clouds. 123 more words

A surprise trip to Norway

Norway wasn’t somewhere I thought I would be visiting so soon. My sister has been hopping between Australia and Norway for a couple of years now as she fell in love with a Norwegian boy at university. 151 more words