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niagara falls by supergoof7

stopped here while doing a show in Buffalo

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The Sony RX100iv; An in-depth Review


The RX100iv, is not a casual user’s camera – it is a serious photographer’s tool. That’s not to say a number of P&Sers won’t buy, and effectively use it. 5,330 more words



There was a beautiful downpour yesterday, completely welcome after a particularly hot day. As the sun was setting, I was in awe of some of the most beautiful clouds. 123 more words

A surprise trip to Norway

Norway wasn’t somewhere I thought I would be visiting so soon. My sister has been hopping between Australia and Norway for a couple of years now as she fell in love with a Norwegian boy at university. 151 more words


So I did a couple of shots for Inhale X Hale’s Winter Collection. ixhalers.com


Plucky underdog? Some personal views on the Sony A7RII

This is an intriguing camera from an intriguing series of cameras. Much has been made of the A7RII, by Sony and industry commentators from DPReview to Luminous Landscape. 2,199 more words