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Photography Weapon of Choice!

I started photography as my first serious hobby back in 2010. It was the time when DSLR cameras were the rage and everyone who had the big, black, bulky thing hanging on their necks made the impression of looking like a professional photographer. 581 more words


With Eyes Reborn

Whilst my first SLR was 35mm (a Praktica BMS Electronic), I reached a point around three years ago where I discovered that certain 35mm film SLR lenses could be used on certain digital cameras, some directly, others via cheap adapters. 1,904 more words

Lens Reviews

Scent Of A Rose

While testing an old manual Canon 55mm f/1.2 lens on a recently acquired Sony Nex-5T, my first foray into mirror less cameras, this rose in our garden seemed the only color around on a gloomy fall evening here on Long Island. 20 more words

Black And White Photography

Old lenses on new gear - manual focus lenses on mirrorless cameras

One of the most remarkable changes brought by the advent of mirrorless camera systems (micro 4/3rds, Fujifilm X and to an even larger extent Sony E and FE) is the ability to mount and effectively use almost any old lens designed originally for a 35mm camera system. 1,064 more words