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Sony's Michael Lynton Taps Rubenstein's Robert Lawson For Top Corporate PR Post

Sony Pictures Entertainment finally has gotten around to naming a new corporate spokesman, the post that has been empty since Charles Sipkins left. Michael Lynton has named Robert Lawson, the Rubenstein PR exec who has been an important adviser to him since… 490 more words

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How The Amazing Spider-Man 2 reaches its audience

Advertising and Distribution is a vital stage in making the movie successful, The Amazing Spider-Man a few methods of doing this.

  1. Distribution channels 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was distributed all over the world mostly by “Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE)” and “Sony Pictures Releasing” and also Columbia Pictures. 895 more words


Sony Pictures Entertainment Hacked

No matter how big a corporation, it is always vulnerable to a security threat. Sony Pictures Entertainment can attest to this. The hack of Sony was discovered late last year, November 2014. 256 more words

WikiLeaks Adds Thousands Of Hacked Sony Emails To Website

WikiLeaks apparently is not through with Sony. The document-sharing company headed by Julian Assange announced it has added “thousands” more hacked Sony Pictures emails to its searchable database. 155 more words

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Sony Earnings Improve; Pictures Division Jumps In Full-Year Results

Sony Pictures Entertainment saw operating income increase 13.4% to $488M, the parent company said while reporting its full fiscal year results this morning in Tokyo. The jump was due to the favorable impact of the depreciation of the yen against the greenback. 242 more words

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WikiLeaks publishes huge archive of hacked Sony documents

Last year’s cyber attack the crippled Sony Pictures Entertainment has taken yet another twist with WikiLeaks putting hundreds of thousands of emails and documents from the hack into a searchable online archive Thursday. 490 more words

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3 Ways to Survive Being Hacked

Privacy is dead. But I am not sure it was ever alive to begin with. Before the ascent of social media, one could assume that anything you did was not only being watched by God (if you are a believer), but also by the nosy neighbor across the street, who may have even occasionally used binoculars to spy. 345 more words