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Biases and Prejudices

In a rare moment of reflection and self-evaluation, I came face-to-face with a startling realization about my own biases and prejudices.

I will believe as Gospel truth anything told to me by someone who has a proper British accent or a deep baritone voice.  488 more words


that "therapist" voice...

This morning I woke up stressing, so I figured I’d call TM’s voice mail just to hear her voice (I do that sometimes when I’m stressing about things. 361 more words

Screencasting: Learning The Ropes

Hey guys! This weeks assignment was to learn how to screencast and critique two portfolios we found online. It wasn’t necessarily hard to do, but it was a bit of a challenge trying to nitpick and find things I liked and didn’t like about the websites I chose. 567 more words


day 38.

. . .day 8 of Sacred Power of the Goddess. Today was the day of Lord Shiva & flow is the theme.

“Shiva is known as the destroyer, the lord of transformation and the patron god of Yoga.” (taken from the Sacred Power of the Goddess program from My Yoga Online)

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Different Strokes

Different folks

I was thinking about how babies react to different people. William seems to be happier with me than with his Nanna, for example. Now, the interesting part is, I haven’t had the experience of raising kids of my own, so I really don’t know what I am doing. 367 more words

Personal Stories

Dear Soothing Voice of Greg de Vries

Your words drift upon a breeze
Coaching anxiety into ease
My head, my arms, my chest, my knees,
Thank you for this MP3
You generously give away for free
on meditationcoach.com

EWIS #10 Cadence by Anberlin

Anberlin is a band I have known for quite some time. Never Take Friendship Personal is one of my all time favorite albums. The guitar-driven compositions are always incredible and Stephen Christian maintains an incredibly soothing voice that can be amazingly powerful and passionate at the same time. 37 more words