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The Reply from U.S. Senator Tom Harkin After the SOPA Protest

I thought I would just share with you the form letter I received from U.S. Senator Tom Harkin about the Protect IP and Stop Online Piracy Acts, about which I and many others protested recently because of concerns about inroads to freedom of expression. 506 more words


The North - SOPA, PIPA and Digital Police

The first digital switch in history who joined thousands of online sites had the desired success. Stopped short two bills on intellectual property protection that are discussed in U.S. 267 more words

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Quote of the day

Recently, the American Department of Justice closed the file-sharing site Megaupload while also seizing its assets. It took these actions on the basis on an… 304 more words

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That SOPA thing and Internet Black Outs

Hey Readers!

So I’m sure people may have noticed that this week, a number of websites were “blacked out” in protest of a bill that is currently going through congress. 762 more words

Ennealogic, 2012: Week 3

Psyoptic psymbolism, meta-chthonic phenomena, a list of beasts from A to Z, a two-dimension third-dimension, and new music from far beneath.

During the darkest hours of the afternoons and brightest hours of the night, we are mining the dumpsters, back-alleys, desalinzation plants, storehouses, and underground libraries of This Entropic Technological Millieu. 551 more words


SOPA Protest: Red 5 CEO Calls for 2012 E3 Boycott

The CEO of online games studio Red 5 has issued a call to arms, urging the industry to boycott 2012’s E3 to protest the expo’s support of the Stop Online Privacy Act. 238 more words

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Screenshots Of SOPA/ PIPA Website Protests

January 18th 2012: The Day The Internet Shouted ‘No’

January 18th 2012 will go down in internet history as the day that people from all over the world and different areas of tech, combined in a collective effort to protest against a threat to something that we all hold dear and rely on. 1,015 more words