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Federal Government Usurps Control of Internet

FCC Passes 332 pages of Internet regulations without Congress or the American people “allowed” to read them.

Tougher Internet rules to hit cable, telecoms companies…

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No Time For Slaves

Judge halts movie industry-backed probe against Google

A federal judge has agreed to put the brakes on an investigation into Google by Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood after the company complained that Hood’s inquiry was an illegal censorship campaign cooked up by Hollywood. 395 more words

The Budget Speech : A kasi Analysis

The budget speech was announced yesterday,  and the shop owner in my township just heard one thing out of it! “The price of beer and cigarettes will increase”! 1,331 more words


Garlic Soup/ Sopa d' Alho

The pungent aroma of garlic makes its way into most Portuguese dishes. From thin raw slices to slow fried minced pieces, this keystone of Southern European cuisine is remarkably versatile in its use. 244 more words


“Net Neutrality” and Why It's Not What You Think It Is: unKOURCKED

Good evening, friends!  After a week off, unKOURCKED is back, bringing you a mixed cocktail of sorts of genius, truth, and 100% awesomeness.

Admittedly, I had a hard time thinking of a topic to write for this week.  1,785 more words


We Won the Internet! What’s Next?

For everyone who cares about the future of an open Internet, today is a day of celebration. The Federal Communications Commission’s vote for net neutrality… 1,013 more words