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30 Days of Genius - Sophia Amoruso #Girlboss

Key take aways dari interview dengan Sophia Amoruso (#Girlboss) pada acara online 30 Days of Genius oleh Chase Jarvis adalah:

  • Kunci sukses adalah dengan cara  terus show up tanpa skip, melakukan passion kita sampai bosan (love the process) sampai mendapatkan compunding growth dalam skala yang kita ingin capai.
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TIR NA NOG- Interview with Christina Bentley

So, meeting new people and making new friends is so important when in the creative industry. A few weeks ago at Nottingham Fashion week I was lucky enough to bump into the lovely Christina Bentley, a local jewellery designer and freelance graphics designer. 1,902 more words

Life Of A Giraffe

my podcast picks.

There’s a bit of a change to the scheduling of my posts this week as I didn’t have a song that I especially wanted to highlight yesterday. 1,456 more words

Chris Hardwick


There once was a girl who ruled the world. End of story.

Technically factual, but that doesn’t do the parable any justice whatsoever. Let’s start at the beginning. 605 more words

Podcasts: What Are You Listening To?

I have recently started getting into Podcasts. Some of the ones that I’ve started listening to are:

  1. #Girlboss Radio – I loved the book #Girlboss 
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Inspiration of the week - inspiring women

Actually, my title is not really true. It is not an inspiration of the week, but rather one of the biggest inspirations in my life. Women. 450 more words

What Inspires Me

Blogging Inspiration - Being a Girl Boss

Being a full-time blogger means I can work from home, look after my little ones, build my online portfolio, and make some money while doing it. 612 more words

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