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A little technology can be very dangerous, and obnoxious, when it falls in the hands of . . . .

Please forgive us. :)

For Sophia

She likes to be called Sophia and she wishes for this blog to stay.

So it stays.

Let the world witness the tenderness that we both cherish and love that we hold for each other. 50 more words


Carmen Sylva: Meine Tante, die Königin Sophie von Schweden

„Während meine Tante, die Königin Sophie von Schweden*, als Braut in Neuwied war, benutzte das meine Mutter**, um sie allein zu vielen Kranken und Armen zu schicken. 218 more words

Carmen Sylva

Veiled in Starlight: a Preview

This past month, the two topics I’ve set for myself to write about were D for the Demiurge and E for Emanation. I’ve had some trouble with that – partly because each topic on their own is not long enough for a full blog post, and partly because neither topic was meant to be explained dryly but to be unraveled and understood as a Mystery. 932 more words


Waltz about whiskey.

It’s been a great week. I finally received my custom Benchmade in the mail. It’s beautiful, and even better than my first (which I lost somewhere along the way). 455 more words

Did Sophia Sin?

I am drawn to Gnosticism because it most closely expresses that “primal awe” at the isolation one feels (and that I have felt, and continue to feel) from the nature of the world, even though one is  1,476 more words


He Said I Walk Like Sophia

In the movie “The Color Purple,” Oprah Winfrey plays a headstrong woman named Sophia. Sophia is a member of the Smack a Blitch Quick Club. She also has a strut that when she is on the move, you better stay out of her way. 865 more words