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Watermelon maddness!

The whole neighbourhood is going crazy: the nearby citymarket is selling extremely good watermelons for cents :) Since I haven’t had a single watermelon this summer yet I decided to join the maddness and make some watermelon sorbet.. 120 more words


Frozen Fridays: Rhubarb Sorbet

blogger: Basia

I’m going to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, I was a frazzled college senior working feverishly on her senior creative thesis. 556 more words

About Town

Sorbet Ice - an easy recipe

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In the picture: raspberry, melon and mango sorbet ice

Ok, so a few weeks ago I made blackberry sorbet ice… 615 more words


Sorbet Massage Bliss

I was given a Sorbet voucher as a gift. I have never been to any sort of spa or “Beauty Parlor” before but since I was given a voucher for it I thought why not. 515 more words

Caribbean Week! Jerk fish and chips with lime and coconut water sorbet

I’ve been plugging away at this wee blog for a while and have recently been thinking of ways to get it out to a wider audience. 491 more words

Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Sugar Free Sorbet in 5 Minutes!!

Sugar is in everything these days and we really don’t even realise how much! This is a great recipe that will replace those overly sugary ice creams and sorbets and tastes even better! 100 more words

Healthy Option

Jean Davis Lavender Sorbet

Thursday, I plotted to catch the mouse who lived in the corner of my room, beneath the warm wooden floorboards, in a hidey hole, fluffed with string bits and the feathers off my dream catcher and the soft angora sock that went missing last Christmas. 2,287 more words