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Winter is coming...

NB: This post will be a bit shorter, due to the author’s imminent exams and lack of sleep. Stay tuned next week for a more coherent (read: not on four hours of sleep) blog post. 138 more words

The story of how I ended up with two student cards...

…and no health insurance.

In the interests of continuing business as usual in Paris, that’s exactly what this blog is currently doing. Trust me, French bureaucracy is still just as irritating during a national state of emergency. 1,097 more words


Moving to Haiti in 2018

I have decided that after I graduate university with my masters in teaching to move back to Jacmel in Haiti if I get a job there as a teacher. 198 more words

La Vie Universitaire: the life of a Sorbonnard

I thought I’d make the most of my mid-week bank holiday (nice work, France, I enjoy this immensely) to comment on my University experience here in Paris. 674 more words

28 = 18 + 10

I woke up yesterday and I was 28. And if it wasn’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t have remembered it.While last year on my 27th birthday… 492 more words



Lunchtime in a brasserie on the Place de la Sorbonne. This customer sat at the table next to us.


12 Words of Wisdom for my Pre-Paris self

Writing this post has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I’m six weeks into my time here in Paris, and true to my perfectionist tendencies I’ve been putting pressure on myself to keep this blog updated. 1,160 more words