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Hédi Jaouad

Hédi Abdel Jaouad is a professor of French and Francophone studies who has been a teanured associate Professor at Skidmore College, a Fulbright Lecturer in the Department of English at the Université Tunis, a Faculty at NEH Summer Institute–La Francophonie and at Old Dominion University, French Language and Literature, as well as in the Department of Modern Languages, at the United Nations International School in New York City. Cont


Citizenship in a Republic

Today in History, April 23, 1910:

“The Man in the Arena” speech. After his presidency, President Theodore Roosevelt took a tour of Europe and was received with great fanfare and accolades, both from the common man and royalty. 173 more words

Fact #28 Why was womicorn homeschooled?

Marie Curie was in born in Poland 1867, under Russian occupation

Since Russian authorities outlawed laboratory instruction in Poland, her father taught her since-in secret-at home. 72 more words


Round 2

My first week back for my second and final semester starts tomorrow. This time around I was ready for the inefficient French system and really tried my best to be organised. 667 more words



Paris-Sorbonne University

I love this place: gave a paper in one of the lecture theatres at a conference in 2013, and came away with severe university-envy.

French Theology Antiquarian Catalog

We are now offering a catalog featuring full-color photos of the personal library of the late Jacques Gres-Gayer, a specialist in French ecclesial and intellectual history who was regarded as the world expert in in the history of the Sorbonne in the 18th century. 201 more words

Antiquarian Books

What had happened was ...

Here I was … two weeks from turning 29 and realizing I had nothing that really belonged to me.

We’re born, we grow up, have dreams and eventually plan our future life. 536 more words

Life Abroad