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In a gap-toothed state

I was running late yesterday when I passed this quote scribbled on a wall near the Sorbonne. Running late is not a new habit of mine. 402 more words

Master’s thesis: « Tradable pollution permits and water quality » (French).

My tesis, undertaken in the Faculty of Economics at Pantheon-Sorbonne University, involved the use of tradable permits for the management of water quality.

I retain from this work that even if further studies appear necessary, many applications of this method in different contexts and countries are already showing promising results. 37 more words


It's the finals countdown...

It has been another busy week in Paris, but luckily after this Thursday I will be mostly in the clear. However, this may be the last timely post for a while, because on Saturday I am leaving for winter break! 480 more words

Happy holidays! (And finals...)

It has been another busy week in Paris, but luckily that also means that our holiday break is one week closer! It’s that time of the semester when everybody is still pushing through, but we are all ready for break. 621 more words

life after sorbonne

last tuesday night i finished the second half of “The Hardest French Final of My Life” and i’m a little sad that it’s over. i miss all of my classmates that i struggled through french grammar with, but i’m also infinitely grateful for all the lessons and classes. 160 more words

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week I am thankful for so many things, so I thought I’d resort to the old standby and offer you all a lovely list of what is currently on my mind: 340 more words

Winter is coming...

NB: This post will be a bit shorter, due to the author’s imminent exams and lack of sleep. Stay tuned next week for a more coherent (read: not on four hours of sleep) blog post. 138 more words