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Upon Retirement

When I first met her I thought that she must be one of those mysterious Eastern European women we always used to see in those Cold War spy movies. 840 more words

Days 119-129: Finals continue and pictures of my routine!

After the Sunday I had dinner and babysat for Madame Hughes, the new week began- a new week of studying for new finals! This time I only had two left, but one being a very big one that I was worried for. 1,248 more words

Conference "The Physiologus between East and West" at Sorbonne

On June 15-17, I will participate in a conference dedicated to the Physiologus, which will be held at the Sorbonne University in Paris. The conference schedule can be downloaded… 13 more words


The Man in the Arena

Today in History, April 23: 1910 – “The Man in the Arena” speech. After his presidency, President Theodore Roosevelt went on safari in Africa, collection countless specimens for the Smithsonian. 238 more words

And the Adventure Begins

A few days after Christmas, Rich and I began our two-week adventure, touring France and Spain. Having never traveled overseas, we didn’t know what to expect, and were a bit tenuous about the lengthy flights from Seattle to Reykjavik, Iceland, and then onto Paris an hour later. 2,479 more words


A summary of a series of odd events and circumstances that lead to 2017

There we go, another year that we can all cross off our calendars then try to describe as a whole as if there were any relevance to calendar years apart from the psychological idea of a new start. 1,260 more words


My life in France (Part 3)

Paris was exhilarating; Paris was exhausting. By Easter, especially with all the extra services the choir had to attend, I felt in need of a break. 1,994 more words

Paris Churches