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Cultural Differences?

Well friends, today’s post will be a little shorter than usual – but with good reason. Currently I’m busy packing to go to London for the weekend, where I will get to visit with my incredible friend Lauren! 404 more words

One Month in and I'm Learning

It is 14:20 on a Friday, the last of my first week of classes and we’re starting late because half of the class struggled to find the room in the Latin area of Paris-Sorbonne University. 883 more words



Coucou! (a French slang word for saying “Hey there!” that I find hilarious, and is now how my flatmate and I greet each other when we come back from uni!) 441 more words

Inscription Pédagogique / etc à Université Paris Sorbonne

It seems like everyone’s facing the same problems so…. copy-pasted excerpts of things I’ve sent to people (hence the franglais) :)

1. Inscription Pédagogique

Allez à ENT > Scolarité > Inscription Pédagogique > un lien qui vous direct à IPweb ou, ici: 164 more words

A Day in the Life

NB: All photo credit goes to Aliya Nesser – thanks for making my posts interesting despite phone tragedy! 

Hello friends! This week hasn’t been particularly exciting, so I thought I’d attempt to give you an idea of what a typical day looks like for me here in Paris. 666 more words

Montaigne's Foot

I was walking by Square Paul-Painlevé in the Latin Quarter one day when this old French man started talking to my land-lady & I. We had started talking about the new bio-gardens where the plants were left to grow naturally and not maintained. 200 more words