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Libertarian women's history month: Veronique de Rugy

Veronique de Rugy (May 20, 1970 – ) is a French born economist, living in the Arlington, Virginia suburb of Washington, DC.  She received her PhD from the Sorbonne in 2000; her dissertation analyzed the interaction of private and public tax revolts, the interactions and trade offs between tax evasion and tax limitation initiatives.   411 more words

Mercatus Center

I'm struggling in the research process

I’m writing this to light a fire under my booty and to hold my future self accountable – there is no way I’m going to come on here in a few months and write a post about how I couldn’t finish my Master’s degree. 226 more words


French Onion Soup

When my wife and I got to Paris last summer the first thing we each ate was a piping hot bowl of French onion soup.  It was surprisingly cool afternoon and we had been walking around for a few hours and sufficiently worked up an appetite.   557 more words


Sorbonne succumbs to modern anti- communism

Aymeric Monville  writes

A user of the Sorbonne University’s Pierre Mendé’s France Library recently proposed to a librarian that the library acquire the French edition of  222 more words


The Sorbonne Method And How To Apply It In A Restaurant

I studied French in Paris on the Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne. As you would expect with any French language course, the primary focus initially was on the complexities of French grammar to ensure that each student had a good enough grounding in the basics so that they did not sound like a complete idiot every time they opened their mouth to speak the language. 825 more words

Wisuda CCF Sorbonne

Hari ini sangat spesial karena hari ini adalah hari pelaksanaan wisuda kelulusan saya di CCF Sorbonne. Alhamdulillah program studi Bahasa Perancis yang saya tempuh di CCF Sorbonne telah selesai. 165 more words