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Sorcerer - It's today

Picture the scene, it’s 1977 and I’m standing in line waiting to see Star Wars for the first time and in the lobby of the cinema is the poster you see here. 225 more words


Zeb Smith: A Mark To Be Made

(This is part 2 of this story arch. That’s right, I have officially upgraded this story to arch-level. Fancy eh? What was I going to say again… Something about… 699 more words

Bargain Bin(ge): Disc Replay (Indianapolis, IN)

As mentioned in an earlier post, Disc Replay is a small regional chain of buy/sell/trade stores, not unlike MovieStop or Replay’s that I have covered previously. 747 more words


The Story of the Seamstress and the Sorcerer who Loved Fine Clothes

Once upon a time there lived a young seamstress working in the tailor shop of the royal palace. Not only did she work there but, as she was an orphan, the girl had been offered a small dark room somewhere in the palace basement, where she could rest her body at night and which sheltered all her worldly possessions, few in number. 1,776 more words


Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer, Lamassu, Iron Daemon and K'Daii Destroyer #miniaturemonday

This week I bring you an update from the rebasing my Chaos Dwarfs for Age of Sigmar. I have BeeZharr the Obnoxious, a Sorcerer-Lord riding a Lamassu, my Iron Daemon and a K’daii Destroyer. 97 more words

Games Workshop

Savants - Basics (Part 1)

As discussed in my first post, I’m planning to talk a lot about derro savants, drawing on both the older Gygax material of 1E/2E and the later versions and setting based variations for inspiration, while pushing some of the existing concepts in different directions, whether they be Shaverian, Lovecraft inspired or just intersting. 754 more words


Edward Goodfelow

EDIT: I’ve released this post to the public after a month of… well, drawing and posting other things. Enjoy! Rest assured, new content (including comics, time-lapses, and commissions) is on its way. 325 more words