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The Reckoning (Darkest Powers Series) #3

I am finally writing about the third book in the Darkest Powers series, by Kelley Armstrong. This book is called The Reckoning and the truth comes out. 312 more words


Elder Scrolls Online; first week, first impressions

I’ve been playing Elder Scrolls Online for about a week now and so far I am incredibly impressed with the game. It not only is visually beautiful to play but the gameplay itself is really fluid, intuitive and the questing experience flows so well. 709 more words


Cover: William Friedkin: Shedding Light

William Friedkin, one of America’s most exciting film directors from the latter half of the century, is now 80 years old. The only son of Ukrainian immigrants, he was born in Chicago, Illinois on the 29th August 1935. 1,036 more words

August 2015

Bound A-Z: M is for Magic

Trying to explain magic is like trying to explain life, or God. At least, it is if you’re a character in one of my books. I, on the other hand, have inside information. 1,148 more words


Foolio's Folley & The Gate of Gears

The crenelated tower peeking out of the cloud cover above the peaks was inaccessible.  None dared to wander through the Web of Wizardry and, whilst one suggested bartering with a Gryphon to take someone there, others wagered the mage would have defences in place against unwelcome visitors from the air. 578 more words


Finding Home - Mutant 750

Finding Home

Phil Eisenberg stared at the street outside the airport. He hadn’t seen anything larger than a deer path in 23 years.

After being accidentally discovered by Seal Team 6 in Borneo, and in return saving a Seal Team member from a witchdoctor named, , Phil thought publishers might purchase the rights to his story. 880 more words

Short Fiction

True Sorcerer's Worth

A sweeping arc,
Across a tiny isle,
Light enflames the sky.

One man stands,
On the islands point,
Arms outstretched to sky.

Darkness had fallen, 87 more words