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Dark Skye - Immortals After Dark #15 - Kresley Cole

I don’t know which character I liked more in this book, Melanthe or Thronos. They were so different from each other but each was just as flawed…and I like flawed characters. 1,244 more words

Paranormal Romance

Painter Rex appears in BLSEA Crystal Trade (plus unit review)

After a year of same units appearing in Bloodline SEA crystal trade, they finally released new heroes for sale.

Last week we got an app update adding heroes like Huntress, Airi, Rex and so forth in crystal trade while Blood Paladin and Hunter be available in guildshop. 389 more words


Tonstartssbandht: A plethora of mighty fine times

Tonstartssbandht, brothers Andy and Edwin White, are back with ‘Sorcerer’, their first full-length studio album in six years. Recorded live in their former Brooklyn apartment, its three expansive noise-rock tracks explore themes of relapse, recovery, and lost relationships through vocal loops, guitars, drums, distortion, and the sounds of the city that infiltrated the recording sessions. 843 more words


I'm Jack Thurston, Sorcerer and Fictional Character.

I am the protagonist in the short stories “Sorcerer” and “Sorcerer’s Return” by Phil Slattery.

I am a widower, retired medievalist, and until recently, a retired sorcerer.  231 more words

Jack Thurston

The Witch of the Wilds

My son, if you’re reading this, then it’s your turn and I’m not around to take your place.

But despite the pleas I’m sure you’re hearing now, urging you to hurry and join the rest of the hunters, I beg you not to follow them, not yet, not until you read this. 2,279 more words



As a Tolkien fan, I engage with anything to do with either The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings. Due to this, I have learned to speak the Black Speech inscription on the One Ring. 15 more words


I had a interesting yet frightening idea today while researching the occult. What if there was a ritual that could transform thousands or millions of people into an army of darkness? 112 more words