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Balak (Numbers 22:2 – 25:9)

(Singing) “Summertime, and I don’t feel like writing.”  Comments are from June 25, 2010 . Stay cool.

Last week: life, death, purity and impurity, despair and hope.   1,126 more words

Publication Announcement: "Sorcerer"

Today, my short horror story “Sorcerer” is slated to appear in Creepy Campfire Quarterly. Many thanks to the CCQ staff for publishing this story, its first time in print. 44 more words




In your mind I will dwell
In your mind I will invade
You have seen what I have pictured

It may have been a dream… 143 more words


Dark Souls 3: Iudex Gundyr

Okay, so you’ve started playing Dark Souls 3 (as late as I have) and the first boss is already giving you a very difficult time. DO NOT FEEL DESPAIR. 466 more words

Dark Souls 3


So, I went and made some bits trades. Space Marine scouts finally got their helmets and a few extra ones lying around too, so I might have seven Scion-helmeted Scouts after I’m done with my other WIPs. 59 more words

A Sorcerer's Guide to Dark Souls III Bosses, Part I

To be honest, sorcerer is so fucked in DSIII that the boss fights pretty much come down to “can I actually kill this boss with magic or nah” 860 more words

Order restored in Chaos

Welp, made another purchase, but this time, not quite for myself – there is a Chaos Space Marines player in the household. Lord Skraag’s troops will make an appearance later, and I just might showcase a few figures I had my own hands on. 324 more words