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Fey Bloodline

Sorcerous Origin
This is the first archetype released by Kobold Wizard of many (hopefully!). It aims to provide a sorcerer with support abilities, mainly in the form of debuffs, without sacrificing any of the sorcerer’s powerful offence. 413 more words


Why Shadows of Elder Scrolls Online the Hist is an Important Update

Look, we get it. There’s not a lot of oomph, and the wow factor is somewhat mixed, but overall… yes, this is an important update. ZOS didn’t need to release it, and realistically everything in Shadows of the Hist (and even the base game patch) could have been backburnered until One Tamriel which comes out in a few months. 695 more words

Blue Road Keep

Sorcerer film poster by Jay Shaw

I need to write a proper riff on William Friedkin’s astounding 1977 film Sorcerer—I’m pretty sure I didn’t see a better film this summer—nor have I seen anything that zapped me with that  321 more words


Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 9

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 9 Smash the Mirror (part 2)

Emma goes to the meeting place with Gold, he tells her to go inside the room where he already cast spell (he activate the magic hat). 136 more words


Secret of Shadow's Keep (Prologue)

The crescent moon hung high in the frigid night sky, illuminating the steep bluffs below. The wind howled through the trees blocking her powerful chant from carrying to the town beyond the woods. 1,315 more words


Painting Minis - Dark Elf Sorcerer

Time for another mini painting session! Dramorion, the dark elf sorcerer from Reaper. (I actually painted this one before my previous post, but I couldn’t let the secret out of the bag. 519 more words


I finally break down and buy Easy Riders, Raging Bulls (Book acquired August 1, 2016)

Peter Biskind’s Easy Riders, Raging Bulls has been on my radar forever (or at least since its publication in the late nineties), but I’d resisted picking it up until earlier this week—maybe because of its awful, awful cover (good lord), or maybe because of that off-putting subtitle, which just seems to scream,  380 more words