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Epcot Around World Sorcerer Mickey Pin Lanyard Disney

Most of today’s workplaces have a use for a key lanyard in one way or another. The most frequent usage of a break away lanyard… 330 more words

Flash Fridays - August 28th

For this weeks Flash! Friday our themes were based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic Lord of the Rings. The themes I chose to incorporate were an… 380 more words


Why I don't want to be a dark sorcerer

All about sorcerers.

Of late, I have had endless cravings coming from deep inside, to become a dark sorcerer.

Today, well, god helped me somewhat to understand…to make sense of this dilemma. 368 more words

Devarim Eighteen: Abominations

Certain things in Tanakh are, for some reason, reiterated over and over. We’ve already heard multiple times that the Levites will not be given a portion of the land, and that instead they will have certain cities designated for them. 234 more words


Babble I

Everything is back to normal, at least computer wise, for a few days there I was having an uncomfortable time with my PC because all my passwords had been reset; fixing the mess that I had, got me to change some things here at wordpress too, I’m expecting to get less “likes” but more views now. 378 more words


For Disney Parks Mickey Mouse Sorcerer Key Cover Exclusive

M-I-C-K-E-Y — M-O-U-S-E; by way of those eleven words one of the the majority illustrious character ever has his name written in the history books. The… 219 more words