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Easily one of the darkest forms of magic is blood magic. As its name suggests this sorcery is fueled by magic. The more blood you sacrifice the more powerful the magic becomes. 44 more words

Nineteen Years Young 

It’s all dark, dark but not quiet;

Is that a woman? Screaming in spite?

Unable to move, unable to stir,

Who is that I could only partially hear? 455 more words


The Sorcerer

Mystic, magician, wise man or as some people call him – a Djinn, a spirit of the desert. His real identity and agenda are hidden, one thing is sure: when some royalty need an advice, he is there whispering in ears and putting words in mouths. 6 more words

The Social Role of the Sorcerer

This passage is taken from the text of a really excellent presentation on hoodoo by Stephen Grasso that I just became aware of.  Really fantastic.  Read the whole thing… 731 more words

Oruka - Session 0

It is the 10th day of the 6th month of the year 458 of the 3rd Age of the Retribution Cycle, and our story begins with three unsuspecting people from three totally different paths of life all merging towards the same point: Alafia. 638 more words