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Sorcerer at FACT Liverpool December 3rd

Excellent news! Sorcerer will now play at FACT cinema in Liverpool on December 3rd at 12 noon. We sold enough tickets via Ourscreen to make the screening happen, but there are still plenty of tickets available so if you able to attend book… 160 more words


Notes from Bando: It may not be winter yet, but it sure as hell has started snowing in my town! To ‘celebrate’ this, here’s a n-ice sorcerous origin for you lovely folk! 375 more words


Wizard v Sorcerer? Psion!

Another Compromise Between Spontaneous and Preparatory

I’ve already posted about the house rule I use to make preparatory casters more appealing, but here is a core-rules alternative for players who want to split the difference between the wizard and sorcerer. 397 more words


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Sorcerer (1977) ⭐⭐⭐

Obliterated at the box office by a little indie called Star Wars released that same summer in ’77, William Friedkin’s remake of The Wages of Fear is considered a lost gem by many. 239 more words




Directed by William Friedkin

USA, 1977

HOME, 9 November 2017

Three desperate men arrive in a run-down banana republic.

One is a Palestinian terrorist, another a French businessman fleeing bankruptcy, the third an American trying to evade the mob. 156 more words

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