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1001 Mythic Setting 4: Magic

Disclaimer: Remember this is only about how magic works in the majority of Arabian Nights tales. Being orally told for a long time, some did deviate from this. 328 more words

Arcane Realm

Bloodletters and Ezekiel Commission Complete

This small commission is now complete. Ezekiel has been slightly chaosified and will be used as a Necrosius. Did lots of blending throughout the model and a few conversions. 64 more words


Drawtober Day Something: Intergalactic Bartender

I haven’t been keeping up with Drawtober lately, but I have been doing other things! (More pictures to come when those things are complete). But I did manage to get one in the other day- the prompt was Intergalactic Barista or Bartender. 6 more words


D&D5 - Lost Mines of Phandelver Session Report

I’m not sure what I’m going to use this for really, I suppose a session report is as apt a title as any. I’m not going to write a whole summary of what happened because I don’t want to spoil the adventure for other people who are going to play it, rather I thought I’d offer my thoughts on some of the mechanics used in the system and talk about a few highlights of our first session playing this adventure. 1,141 more words

Day 26: Sorceror VS Robot

Day 26: Sorceror VS Robot! This one was quite fun! I loved it so much I actually drew it really late last night, because as your reading this, it is more than likely that I am in work, so this has been scheduled! 13 more words


Knowledge from the Other-Realms

Finally, a last by very important component of talismans was the written word. As we remarked in the previous chapter, medieval sorcery’s chief instructors in this art were the Jewish cabalists, although the magical practice of incising runes has been known the world over, from ancient Egypt to China to Siberia. 147 more words