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ESO - Sorcerer Tank

Here is a Sorcerer tank build for Elder Scrolls Online by my friend StarFireLeo. These videos are a great starting spot, and soon a dedicated page will follow.

Video 1

Video 2


ESO - Hel Ra Citadel

Tank PoV

First run for me as a tank (first period). Besides forgetting before the raid started to put Pierce Armor back on after running Maw of Lorkhaj, it went pretty smooth. 36 more words


ESO - Sanctum Ophidia

Conviction’s (ESO Guild PS4/NA) first clear!

Great job to everyone involved!


ESO - Aetherian Archive - 14:07 Run

The weekly trial this week on PS4 / NA is Aetherian Archive. Yesterday I posted a video of a run that for many of us was a first time. 63 more words


ESO - White Gold Tower - Veteran

Thanks to the members of Conviction for running with me!


Veteran City of Ash - ESO

The video starts a little late in our run, but before the Fire Maw. It was our first completion, and thanks to Ref2gu for joining us and helping us out. 43 more words


ESO - Banished Cells - Veteran

Last night the veteran pledge was once again Banished Cells. A really easy dungeon to complete and speed through. We ended up running it twice – the first time jzhnutz and KujoAlpha1 were on DPS, J4LYfE was on heals, and we had SergeantPink join us as tank. 87 more words