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Saturday is my time to rest,

The time when I sleep best…

Sunday’s gift

Is church for a lift,

Getting there is often a test. 52 more words

Honing my blinking skills

So I had a typical eye exam yesterday, and let’s just say that 1) It was not fun, and 2) I realised that true to my nature, I seem to skip the basics of human functioning and get a little ahead of myself. 559 more words



When the eyelid turns inwards and rubs the surface of the eye.


  • Sore eyelid
  • Partially closed eye
  • Eye discharge

Common amoungst rex hamsters and dwarfs, can also be the after effect of weight loss as the fat deposits behind the eye is lost. 35 more words

Corneal Ulcer


  • Discharge from the eye
  • Defect on the eye

Anything that comes in contact with the cornea (eye) can scratch the surface and cause damage. 23 more words



  • Red, sore eyes
  • discharge from the eyes
  • Partially closed eyes

Conjunctivitis can be passed on between hamsters, and can be the result of dusty bedding which irritates the eye. 32 more words


And so I heard, it’s getting viral yet I walked mindlessly on the street didn’t gear up.

I ‘am usually meticulous when my wellness is at stake but for some unknown reason I forgot to bring a bottle of alcohol with me that day same as my awareness to not impulsively rub my eyes when it itch. 1,429 more words

Avoid Sore Eyes

Red-Eyed Monster

If you hadn’t heard (or read, to be more specific) from me this recent week, it’s because I hadn’t been blogging. Well, no secret there, he he. 248 more words

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