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Sore Eye at the Great Run in the Glasgow Sun

Despite having done a grueling session at Bellahouston Harriers on Tuesday night (11x500m with minimal recoveries) I couldn’t resist the chance to have another race at the Great Run Local.   399 more words

Ian Goudie

Need Some Relief for Neck and Shoulder Pain?

Once again I’m having problems with a sore neck and shoulder.

I know this is because I sit at a computer for long hours. I also know it’s because I haven’t worked out the correct ergonomic alignment for my body with my desk and chair. 307 more words


Why I Refuse to Use a Kindle or a Nook

We’re in the digital age now.  I completely understand that, and for the most part I endorse it.  What I find a little disheartening though is that so few children actually read and instead have their faces plastered to screens nearly every waking hour of the day.   236 more words

I can see clearly now, through sore eyes

Home on the early side. Dinner – stewed chicken, rice, lentils, greens, and steamed reds and yellows. A favourite fruit, pawpaw, aka papaya, for dessert. Somewhere online there is a long-running cliché about everybody’s disdain for people who post about what they had for dinner. 224 more words

Blonde Table

candle fires livid

evanescent gloaming hour

softening sore eyes

igniting granite spindles

fetch away blue blues

duping day to grey

opaque sketch on pastel

sea horse manes underwater



I soar.
I see.
I saw
Sore eyes.
Sorry eyes.


Balance Your Body Heat To Cure Psoriasis And Diseases

Causes of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is caused by imbalance of heat in body. Heat is caused by diets, stress and lifestyle. Heat is like fire, it rises to the upper parts of the body and stays heating. 667 more words

Bald Head