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Blonde Table

candle fires livid

evanescent gloamingĀ hour

softening sore eyes

igniting granite spindles

fetch away blue blues

duping day to grey

opaque sketch on pastel

sea horse manes underwater



I soar.
I see.
I saw
Sore eyes.
Sorry eyes.


Balance Your Body Heat To Cure Psoriasis And Diseases

Causes of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is caused by imbalance of heat in body. Heat is caused by diets, stress and lifestyle. Heat is like fire, it rises to the upper parts of the body and stays heating. 667 more words

Bald Head

I feel a little stuck

Today I had a sick day. I went to bed feeling a migraine coming so I took my Naproxen and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning I felt awful, the pills appeared not to have got rid, so I emailed in work saying I’m sick and then took another pill before trying to sleep it all off. 430 more words


Snookie's got a red eye! What now?

Snookie, what have you been up to? Running through the sticks? Got hayfever? Have one of the kids poked you? What’s going on?

There are a number of different causes of inflamed eyes in our pets. 718 more words


Mumz off tonightz evfurry…she woke up like thiz….

It’z hideouz…she’z got a bad eye infecshunz…she’z on anti-peeoticz…so we givin her some timez off from the puterwebbz…truth iz ….it’z freakin uz out…YIKES…i love ya mum but i’m outta here…


Captain Jack

Captain Jack

We received a call from a lady in Timoleague that had a feral cat with a sore eyes. We when we got there we say a number of cats and kittens. 361 more words

Feral Cats