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Dancing Away The Stickiness

More often than not in my Nia classes we have a physical focus.  A focus and an intent in an exercise class is not easy for some people.  708 more words


Of course I can break dance...

Last night when we got to the club there was a guy break-dancing in the middle of the dance floor, and I turned to my friends and said I could do that too. 139 more words

University Life

Strange Connections or How Time Went Missing

I had my head stuck in a book far too long.  I only know this because when I started the sun was out and when I next looked up the shadows on the wall had grown long.   163 more words

The Opposite of Yoga

I told a friend about my yoga studio–she’s going through depression with hint of alcoholism, and I thought that it could help.

If anyone has ever needed a hint of presence, a breath of space, a split-second break from ego, it’s this frenemy I’ve had these ten long years. 74 more words

Note to world #77

Ok but seriously: she was developing a deep crick in her neck from trying to find the upside of every bad thing that happened. Maybe bad stuff just needed to stop happening….at least some kind of a humanitarian cease fire of sorts so she could straighten out her poor neck muscles.


What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a holistic system of natural health care that combines muscle monitoring with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), energy balancing and other healing modalities.  220 more words

Personal Health

N.O.T. in action

I love what I do and I feel so empowered as a parent when I can help my own children.  Last week Emma was kneeling on her bed when she flopped down on her tum however she didn’t realise that the doona was covering the foot of the bed so when she flopped down her neck landed on the wooden part and her head was hanging over it.   154 more words

Personal Health