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PM Fund Manager Has A Sore Neck From Looking Up at the Metals: “Something’s Changed!”

Source: Silver Doctors, by The Doc and Eric Dubin

With GoldSilver, & the Miners Continuing to Break Out to the Upside, PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Joined the Show, Discussing: 89 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Ramble #1

It appears that I come to this at night, just before bed. Is it because that’s when I’m most creative, or because I’m determined to post something before midnight? 312 more words


261 - 'Agony' by G. camelopardalis

Poem number 261
‘Agony’, by G. camelopardalis
My neck hurts
From the top of my collarbone to the base of my throat
My neck hurts… 71 more words


Oh what a night!

My body is killing me today. I’m lying here, writing in my iPhone, my neck resting on a heating pad. I didn’t injure myself in a cool way, fending off bad guys with my karate skills like in one of my favourite 90’s flicks “Three ninjas.” For the record I’m not actually able to do any sort of martial arts. 775 more words