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If I let you...

MrsL was in a particularly playful and quite teasing mood last night when she crawled in to bed. By the time we curled up to go to sleep a new dynamic emerged. 529 more words


Breastfeeding issues

I was one of those who wanted to solely breastfeed my baby till she was 6 months old. But my nipples were not in favour of that idea. 432 more words

Breast Feeding: Getting through the first 2 weeks

Today we’re talking all things boobs, that’s right boobs, those things that have either got a baby attached or a pump if your pumping, and they are either tingling because your baby needs a feed or their leaking because your baby slept too long. 1,139 more words

Parenting Blogger

Don't tell Baby Bop where I am

Baby Bop has two teeth. She’s had them for a couple of months now, but they didn’t pose a problem until a few days ago. 274 more words


Weekend Visitor...

What started out as a promising weekend came to a somewhat whimpering end at 3:30 with one single text: “We are not alone this weekend…” 1,378 more words


Caring for your breasts

Your breasts do not need any special care while breastfeeding.  However sometimes breast and nipple problems can develop.  Learning how to properly position and latch… 332 more words

Baby's First Year

Avoid Breastfeeding Discomfort: Tips For Improving Your Baby’s Latch

Some women are hesitant to breastfeed their baby due to the fear of it being painful or uncomfortable, and retell the horror stories of cracked, bleeding, scabbed and sore nipples that they heard from their breastfeeding friends. 756 more words