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Burp baby before feeding, after feeding each side

Demand and supply:

  • Latch every 3h in the day and 4h in the night to build up milk supply …
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Breastfeeding tips: When your baby bites

The pain a mother feels doesn’t end at giving birth. It continues when the milk starts coming out (or not coming out when milk ducts are clogged) and when you start breastfeeding. 584 more words


Start Here

Start here.

Childhood nightmares
with adult dreams

bringing memories of
sore nipples and such
into today.

Wave after wave of
sensual spasms and pain… 48 more words


Breast shields - when to use them and how to stop!

Breast shields – when to use them and how to stop! 

There are a lot of benefits to using breast shields – they allow an easy latch for babies who are struggling with latching on due to problems like tongue tie or mum having an over supply or inverted nipples etc… 758 more words


Breastfeeding Secrets


Breastfeeding is hard work, but joyful in so many ways. Its an experience in which so many women should be supported and encouraged, as well as celebrated for doing.  536 more words

Grow A Healthy Family

My Struggle with Establishing Breastfeeding

Establishing breastfeeding is exhausting. During the months leading up to Vihaan’s birth, I started to read about breastfeeding yet I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 1,183 more words


Biting: When babies attack

Picture this lovely scene with me. I’m sitting out on my back deck, the one that took my husband the entire 9 months of my pregnancy to build, feeding my little babe. 853 more words