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Breastfeeding Secrets


Breastfeeding is hard work, but joyful in so many ways. Its an experience in which so many women should be supported and encouraged, as well as celebrated for doing.  536 more words

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My Struggle with Establishing Breastfeeding

Establishing breastfeeding is exhausting. During the months leading up to Vihaan’s birth, I started to read about breastfeeding yet I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 1,183 more words


Biting: When babies attack

Picture this lovely scene with me. I’m sitting out on my back deck, the one that took my husband the entire 9 months of my pregnancy to build, feeding my little babe. 853 more words


feeding frenzy

Prior to the birth of my son, I day-dreamed about sitting around with my new-mum friends, gazing adoringly at my baby and sharing birth stories while we all breastfed our newborns. 1,424 more words

Ouch! Is this supposed to Hurt?

Just the tip is never enough!

This is the first post of our 3 week series “Ouch! Is this supposed to Hurt? Today the topic is latch, and no, just the tip is never enough and leads to a shallow latch ;( pain for mom and poor milk transfer for baby. 911 more words

Breastfeeding Help

If you’ve ever breastfed a baby before, you know that sometimes your nipples get sore. REALLY SORE! Most of the time, a poor or shallow latch can cause the soreness.

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Here it is!

Second part of the breastfeeding tutorial. This time – let’s talk about problems you may experience on your nursering path.

I did experienced some. 57 more words