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What Recruitment is Really Like

It’s almost time for school to start, which means sorority formal recruitment has just ended or is just getting started for a lot of colleges. My own AOII chapter at TCU just gained 52 new members from the process. 1,026 more words


College Advice!

Hey everyone! Since it’s about that time of the year when college starts back up I thought I would give some hopefully helpful advice. I’m probably a little late for some of you out there but I still hope this is helpful. 1,087 more words


People Are Ridiculing This Terrifying Texas State University Sorority Recruitment Video

Scariest shit I've ever seen on twitter pic.twitter.com/XejVxn2lwB

— ITSBIZKIT (@itsbizkit) August 18, 2016

UPDATE: Alpha Delta Pi removed the original video, but here is a replacement.

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This Arizona State Alpha Phi Sorority Recruitment Video Is The Most Ridiculous Thing You Have Ever Seen

We all know that sorority recruitment videos have basically always been an endless well of unintentional comedy, with girls constantly trying to find creative ways to praise the benefits of sisterhood and friendship and blah blah blah. 170 more words


Sincerely, A Sorority Girl

Dear Greek Life,

Have you ever walked into a room full of people and felt completely out of place? Now take that situation and multiply it by at least 10.   297 more words


Why I hate your sorority.

I do not hate you. I am jealous of you. I am a junior in college, and I have this middle school feeling towards you. I am gonna ask you questions and tell you how I feel. 218 more words

Mean Sisters by Lindsay Emory

Amazon UK version

Amazon US version: Sisterhood is Deadly

What they say: *‘Well written and Legally Blonde funny!’ Reader review*

Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Lindsey Kelk and Mean Girls. 414 more words