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Welcome to UBC: Tales from an (Old) Imagine UBC MUG Group Leader

This isn’t a topical story by any means – it’s just a random post, kind of like my one about the chick cupcakes.

I went to university at the University of British Columbia. 957 more words


Why I didn't Rush

College is an interesting and confusing time of trying to figure out how you want your life to work.  You have to decide: on a major, if/where you’ll work, what to eat any given day, to go to the gym, pick classes– and go to said classes, where to live, if you’re going to join any academic clubs, if you’re going to join any social clubs… and after ALLLLL that you have to try to sleep and have a social life too! 1,052 more words


Being White in a Latin Sorority

We often hear about Caucasian people joining Black sororities and fraternities, and even more so the opposite way around. This is an account of what it was like for myself, a White woman, to join a Latin sorority. 1,008 more words

Current Issues

A Response to the Time Article "Why Colleges Should Get Rid of Fraternities for Good"

For the original article to which I am responding, please visit http://time.com/4784875/fraternities-timothy-piazza/.

Dear Ms. Wade: I have never been more disappointed by an article in a publication that I admire as much as Time. 282 more words

Community Service

And just like that, an introduction

Hello to those far and wide of WordPress! This being my first blog post has lead to me writing out a cliche introduction. My name is Liv, not Olivia, I am a 20something year old residing in the oldest and most historically relevant city of the United States. 72 more words


From "Waverly University Greek Life" by Blythe Hilson

Alpha Omicron Kappa (AOK)
The oldest sorority on campus, Alpha Omicron Kappa was founded when Waverly University was simply the Waverly Schoolhouse. Its long tradition of service dates back to its founder, 6th-grade student Heather Grimaldi, who got a pencil for Dino Spinoni without even being asked. 176 more words


Past Imperfect - #135

It quickly became obvious to the confused cast that the director had little idea about what actually happens at a sorority initiation or how to stage it…