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No, Greek Life Should Not Die.

Let me start first by saying that this article begins with an image that is supposed to spell “No More”, in Greek letters, but ends up spelling “NF MThGS”, despite its representational intent…Lets get started. 877 more words

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Video: Some say it's time to reexamine the idea of hazing

T’Keyah Jones
Oxford Stories

Hazing, according to textbook definition, is the imposition of strenuous, often humiliating tasks as part of a program of rigorous physical training and initiation into an organization. 425 more words


GreekRank Rant

Remove if not appropriate

Why doea GR exist? I go to school at a large university where greek life is prominent. The chapter I am in is considered to be in the lower tier. 75 more words


What It's Like to Be in Greek Life

Kiersten Leone was a Towson University Freshmen when she decided to rush in a sorority. Leone was set into a pair with another girl who was also rushing, the process lasted for a span of two weeks. 777 more words


On Traditions, and Why We Still Need Them

So, tonight, after what seemed to be a long week, I attended an event that I can honestly say I’ve never witnessed anything similar to in my life. 360 more words

Column: I will cherish the memories I've made at each of my Oxford homes

Margaret Griffin
Oxford Stories

Deciding where to live while attending college can have an enormous impact on a student’s college experience. Coming to college, I was excited about all of the new places I was going to visit and live in. 726 more words