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He said She said and a ruined relationship. Rant looking for advice

So at our recent candlelight sisterhood I found out that one of my coworkers told my Little that I said “I had two littles but one didn’t get initiated and I wish it was the other way around.” And then she says at initiation I forgot her name. 241 more words


Sorority hating on GDIs, rant

I know this might get down voted but due to the lead up to our Greek week, our campus has been fighting between GDI and Greeks. 161 more words


Fraternities and Sororities Promote Exclusivity

Fraternities and Sororities Promote Exclusivity

by Cassidy Sisler

You have heard the good, the bad and the ugly about going Greek. However, you may not have heard the ugliest about going Greek—exclusivity. 198 more words

University Of Texas At Arlington

Aka Manto

“Can I be in your group?” Lea asked. She held her head down, and avoided eye contact.

“Whatever,” said a skinny blond, “Join another group.” 417 more words

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“Did you just open a can of tuna?” Kelly said, waving a folder in front of her face.

“It’s coming from over here,” the guy sitting two rows over replied, as he plugged his nose. 384 more words

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“Like, I would let you join this sorority with your nappy hair, and out of style clothes,” Lucy snarled.

“But I did all the challenges you requested,” Hollie sobbed. 174 more words

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Biding Our Time

This blog has offered up many a mid-century sorority pic–and today, we add to the pile. Excuse the descreening effect of the above image; I’m certain she did not have inordinately grand goose bumps on her forearms. 78 more words