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Social anxiety and worriers creeping in on Bid Night

So Bid Night finished and I went home, and once again my social anxiety kicked in and I was convinced that I chose the wrong sorority, some of these girls didn't like me (despite not knowing me), and I should just drop now and save myself the embarrassment and money. 273 more words


Claw & Growl News & Opinion Talk Show April 3, 2017

This talk show aired live on April 3, 2017 at 95.3 FM and 96.9 in North Miami.

On this show: The Claw & Growl discusses FIU’s Diversity Week, the controversy surrounding Venezuela’s Supreme Court stripping away Parliament’s power, the “cult status” stereotype surrounding sororities and fraternities and more!

Michelle Marchante


The summer flew by. The kids were busy working and saving money for school. They both worked a LOT. We enjoyed having the whole family together under one roof again for a few months (me especially) and tried to savor the days we got to spend together. 209 more words


The sorority Alpha Upsilon Pi is no longer recognized by Manhattan College.

The college made the decision to cut ties with the organization soon after the close of the Spring 2017 semester, following an investigation into alleged hazing. 568 more words


What to actually expect during FSU recruitment: Bid Day

Whew. We made it. We finally made it to bid day.

It has been one of the most heckish weeks of my life. And today was super fun but also kinda heckish too. 781 more words


What to actually expect during FSU recruitment: Day 6

Today was the Sisterhood round, also known as “prefs.”

Yesterday I made up my mind to expect the least of the least and to just roll with it, so I wasn’t surprised to learn that I only got one house back. 1,420 more words


What to actually expect during FSU recruitment: Day 5

Today was the hardest, most challenging, and roughest day of this entire week.

To be honest, I’m at the point to where I’m considering not pursuing this any longer. 1,038 more words