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Selfie-taking sorority asks Fox Sports and the Diamondbacks to donate to charity

During Wednesday night’s Arizona Diamondbacks game against the Colorado Rockies, a group of sorority girls were all seen taking selfies at the same time. The announcer chimed-in with some commentary and the clip quickly went viral. 58 more words


Sugar Nailz

You proudly wear your sorority letters on your clothing, even display them on your car’s back window. Why not show off your sorority letters on your nails?  106 more words


Phone Addict?

Phones are a distraction to us all; the amount of time we spend on them is terrifying, checking your phone for just a few seconds all day adds up. 385 more words

Birthday Surprise

If there is one thing that Josh has always been good it, it’s a great surprise.  And with my 40th birthday this past June, it’s no surprise that he came up with something big but also caught me completely out of left field. 2,471 more words


Big Little Trouble

What do you do if your big hangs out with someone else that she wanted to be her little and treats her more like a little than you? 142 more words


Ovation to Launch an Art Consultant TV Show—And We're Cringing Already

Art Breakers isn’t, as one could reasonably expect, a show about artists surfing or museum professionals breakdancing. It’s a show about art consultants.

Miller Gaffney and Carol Lee Brosseau, two very blonde art advisors based in New York and Los Angeles, respectively, are the stars of the new reality series premiering on Ovation Oct. 681 more words

Dee Zee Excited ...

Tonight I get to see some of my Delta Zeta sorority sisters from college. I honestly can’t wait! Other than on social media I haven’t seen some of them in YEARS! 12 more words

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