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Rothschild Redistributed Your Wealth

While most of the world remains mesmerized by and mired in the Babylonian feudalists’ social media civil war-generating psyop, the planet’s wealth continues to be redistributed up the chain to those very same medieval Annunaki bloodline hoarders who operate the casinos we call “stock exchanges”. 610 more words


A Contradiction In Terms Of Being Contradicted

I love it when I see contradictory things out in public can’t help but do some kind of commentary especially when it’s adbusters because it’s Soros and he’s deep state as fuck.


George Soros & The 'Business' Of Illegal Immigration | Zero Hedge

“Never before has a criminal phenomenon enjoyed such widespread international support by governments, political parties, religious and civilian organizations…”
— Read on www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-12/george-soros-business-illegal-immigration

He is the go between for the globalists, the bag man per se. 6 more words


Clash of Civilizations 2.0 Sponsored by Prince and Bannon

Wayne Madsen

April 26, 2019

Bannon, Prince, and other far-rightists are now attempting to impose on their followers and fellow-travelers the same sort of “groupthink” Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels applied to Germany. 1,850 more words


Anti-Vaxxers? Really?

So the measles outbreak is a “state of national emergency” thing, but hundreds of thousands of illegals storming across our southern border is not?

In typical lying-leftist fashion they want us to focus on anti-vaxxers and think that they are suddenly a problem when the real problem is somewhere else. 6 more words