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Parent Portrait

Sorry Mom and Dad. I thought this portrait turned out pretty well so I wanted to put it up on here!



An Ode to Tinder

As women, we quickly learn the feeling of visibility, the visceral sensation of being watched. Within my everyday existence, I am aware of eyes on me when I walk down the street, when I cross my legs on the train, when I dare to exist in public space. 1,707 more words

I've Accidentally Become A Tinder Advocate

It's her fault

My friend  Laura Ellen Scott posed an interesting question at the end of a blog post a few months back. The question was what does your family/community think of what you do, and does that affect how you write? 249 more words

Writing Life

A Trip to Dublin

Hey guys, so I realized I haven’t posted in *glances at calendar* almost two months. I would like to say it’s because I’ve been working really hard on some new piece that will blow your collective minds, but honestly it’s more that I’m really lazy and being abroad is really fun and distracting. 341 more words

astrophotography failure


The photographs you see above are my sad attempts of capturing the unbelievable endlessness of the universe. But do not be deceived by the simplicity of that statement, it’s not that easy. 416 more words


What a Crazy and Strange Life

Well once again I am the one who has broken the rules. This post should have happened a long time ago, but it didn’t. I don’t know if it’s laziness, or feeling like I had nothing to say, or if it was because it took me way to long to have the courage to read Kate’s last post, I don’t know the true answer. 554 more words

Where Was It Said: Orientation or in Bed?

Ah Orientation…long, belabored, and sticky–one of the most awkward weeks of our college careers. Let the record show that orientation is in no way…sexy. But still, we’ve noticed some shockingly coincidental euphemisms littered throughout conversations these past few weeks. 89 more words