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The Ten Commandments Of Video Game Collectables

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Even if you don’t love video game collectables, you’re probably going to collect them. They should at least be somewhat worthwhile, right? 876 more words



Last week in nursery we were very excited to dig up the potatoes from our planters!

We brought our potatoes in and sorted them. We sorted them into big and small, we found broken and unbroken potatoes and clean and dirty potatoes! 267 more words

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How to randomize the lines of a file?

You have a text file and you want to mix up its lines, i.e. you want to randomize the order of lines.


sort --random-sort input.txt

Giới thiệu 15 thuật toán về Tìm kiếm và Sắp xếp

Hôm nay 6/10/2017 mình làm xong video về “Thuật toán tìm kiếm nội suy” (có độ phức tạp là O(log(logn) ) là cải tiến của thuật toán tìm kiếm nhị phân (có độ phức tạp là O(logn) ) nhờ tính đến độ lớn của phần tử cần tìm. 439 more words

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#R language#数值型向量及其运算


向量是将若干个基础类型相同的值存储在一起, 各个元素可以按序号访问。 如果将若干个数值存储在一起可以用序号访问, 就叫做一个数值型向量。


marks <- c(10, 6, 4, 7, 8)
x <- c(1:3, 10:13)
x1 <- c(1, 2)
x2 <- c(3, 4)
x <- c(x1, x2)
x… 140 more words
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Arrays.parallelSort vs Arrays.sort

There are several overloaded Arrays.sort methods to sort arrays of various data types. The sort method sorts objects in natural sorted order or according to the Comparable implementation in case you are trying to sort objects. 151 more words