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Internet + Food = Sorted

Sorted Food is an online cooking community founded by chef: Ben Ebrell and his school friends Barry Taylor, Mike Huttlestone and Jamie Spafford, in 2010. As a platform to share recipes and food content, the idea for Sorted started when the friends were at university and would meet up to share stories from college. 1,029 more words

Social Media


We had epiphany last night. It may seem strange to most but we have finally moved our TV into our bedroom. After some late night cabling, our living room is now free of anti-social technology as our computer now resides in our study/gym room. 183 more words


The heart of practicality

Few people like me. I think it’s because I’m practical and I’m honest. It sometimes seems to me that people live in a fairy-tale fantasy and are deeply offended if I point out the obvious, the practical, the truth of the matter and burst their bubble in the process. 593 more words

iJDMTOY Graffiti Style JDM Sorted Graphics Lanyard with Key

Why graffiti is Art? Not everybody likes every painting of Van Gogh, in the exact same way it is unavoidable people will disagree about the high quality of a piece of graffiti. 299 more words

I made cinnamon rolls, twice... sort of

Because I had three days of from work, I thought I’d bake something, because that’s hat I like to do when I’ve got some spare time on my hands. 207 more words

My Life

Day 202 - Muscle Princess Protein Bars

Hello Yearlings!

Today I finally got around to doing something for one of my favorite Adventure Time princesses: Muscle Princess. I love Muscle Princess, she’s so amazing and I really appreciate the fact that she doesn’t bother trying to be pretty in case it takes away from her amazing muscles. 495 more words

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The Four Houses of Hogwarts.

Gryffindor; The most celebrated of the four houses at Hogwarts, students who are brave can be sure to find themselves soon to be decked out in red and gold. 1,379 more words

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