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Java 8 Streams demo

Why streams?

Nearly every Java app iterates collections, making operations on its elements, searching, changing them, sorting and so on. Streams are more readable way of doing this. 787 more words


Java 8 : How to sort a collection with Streams?

For do this you can use :

.stream().sorted(new Comparator<MyObject>() {
    public int compare(MyObject o1, MyObject o2) {
        return o1.getId().compareTo(o2.getId());

Look a real example where I ‘m using sorted plus groupingBy.

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Wondering Linkly | Going

This morning I had a final that was basically just attendance at school. I could be packing up my dorm, but nope! Poking around different blogs and getting familiar with what cool projects so many are working hard on! 139 more words

Wondering Linkly

week fifteen - chocolate à la gioia

this blogpost could easily be called “confessions of a chocaholic”. for that is what i am. truly. a combination of having to keep up my reputation as a proper swiss here in england and actually loving chocolate causing me to have something cocoa-y on more or less a daily basis. 195 more words


Monday for the Mavericks #1

Today is the start of a new project called “Monday for the Mavericks”. These posts will be a gathering of miscellaneous links, pictures, and anything else I found throughout the week of which I want to share with you. 211 more words

Mondays With C

Difference between sort() and sorted() function in Python

Initially i was confused as to what is the difference between sort() and sorted(), but with a little bit of hacking and playing around with code, I was able to remove my confusion. 328 more words