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Ravenclaw Pride Day

If you weren’t aware, this week is the annual House Pride week.  This was initially started on Pottermore a few years ago, and we Harry Potter fans like to keep it going each year (even if the website doesn’t).   211 more words


What if Harry Had Been in Hufflepuff?

Last time we looked at how putting Hogwarts students into houses creates a self-fulfilling prophecy whereby the environment they are placed in, the expectations of others and the student’s beliefs about themselves… 1,558 more words


This is what a Good Resume looks like

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to share something of great value with you all. This is something I wish I had access to when I was an undergraduate student studying Journalism at LSR College (University of Delhi), floundering about trying to land internships. 189 more words

Sorting Hat Creative

What if Harry had Been in Slytherin? The Sorting Hat and Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

In psychology we talk about things called self-fulfilling prophecies- beliefs and expectations which lead to their own fulfilment. Believing you are a successful person leads to confidence, determination and proactive attempts to find solutions. 3,307 more words


Get Sorted With These Cupcakes

We’re entering the second round of the Triwizard Tournament (just kidding, no one is at risk of dying) but we do have a second Harry Potter themed recipe for you. 341 more words


The Great Thing About Hogwarts Houses… And Sorting British Politicians!

If there’s one thing I really like about Hogwarts, it’s the Houses system. What makes it different from, say, Divergent is that it is not just measuring your qualities, nor does it completely define you, but takes into account who you want to be most- it’s what makes it the perfect system. 315 more words


DIY Harry Potter Series - Sorting Hat & Remembrall

Back to the HP world :) I made the Sorting Hat (hope I get Gryffindor) and the Remembrall (luckily I remember everything I was supposed to so this is only a decoration). 212 more words