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[Trans] The Sorting of Severus Snape

Disclaimer: All things Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling, her publishers, and Warner Brothers. This wonderful fanfic belongs to Plutoplex. I own nothing except this shameful translation and receive no financial benefit from the use of these ideas and have done this work for personal amusement only. 1,651 more words

Darkness Visible

Sorting Hats

It turns out J.K. Rowling was right: sorting can be done by hat. While specialist sorting may require a specialist hat, all hats are useful for the sorting of people into three basic types. 69 more words

Deborah Makarios

Harry Potter Themed Party

We had such a fun time at our Harry Potter themed Paint Party last night.  And everyone did such a great job that I think I cast a “Painting Spell” on them.   18 more words

Daily Painter

On Hogwarts and the Holy Spirit

This is an adapted form of the sermon I preached this morning, the Day of Pentecost. The reading I preached on was Acts 2:1-21. Today we also celebrated the Confirmation of three of our young people, named Hannah, Lauren, and Owen. 1,145 more words


How Gender is like The Hogwarts Sorting Hat

When I was a young kid, I went to kind of a posh school. Later, when I read Harry Potter, I got this flash of recognition when I saw how the kids were sorted into different “houses”. 966 more words

The Sorting Hat

Harry Potter fans…it’s time to paint!  I have had several people ask me to have a paint party with a Harry Potter theme.  Well, here it is.   25 more words

Daily Painter

Slytherin... Sorted!

A eulogy to Severus Snape in words of the Sorting Hat…

The only time I felt more confused

sorting the Chosen One into his house… 173 more words