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The Sorting Hat Is The True Villain Of 'Harry Potter'

There’s no doubt that the Harry Potter series of books and movies have a clear protagonist and antagonist. From the first page, the stage is set for a years-long conflict between the growing Harry Potter and the power-hungry Voldemort. 1,112 more words

Jon Negroni

Hogwarts Houses & Personality: Where do I belong??

I was always certain which Hogwarts house I belonged to, but then when I thought a little harder about it, I wasn’t that certain anymore. Even the result of the Pottermore test was against my beliefs. 572 more words


Hogwarts House Broadway Playlists

And now for something a little different. May be an ongoing project. 317 more words

Musical Theatre

You know you're a nerd when...

It’s probably bad that instead of seeing a fireman’s hat on the elevator emergency panel, all I saw was the Sorting Hat.


The Hogwarts Pensieve Sorting Hat

The Hogwarts Express leaves on September 1, and in honor of that, I’m going to finally release something I’ve been working on for weeks: my own Sorting Hat quiz. 242 more words

Harry Potter

First Day of GGL Fall 2016!

We had our first official meeting of God and the Good Life today.  It was so exciting to get to meet everyone we’ll be spending the semester with. 224 more words

My Hogwarts House Is...

Despite the fact I’ve been a Harry Potter fan since reading the first book many moons ago, I haven’t jumped onto the Pottermore train… until now. 194 more words