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DIY Harry Potter Series - Sorting Hat & Remembrall

Back to the HP world :) I made the Sorting Hat (hope I get Gryffindor) and the Remembrall (luckily I remember everything I was supposed to so this is only a decoration). 212 more words


Jane Eyre: At Hogwarts

My friend Casey sent me a link that sorted Jane Eyre characters into Hogwarts houses. It’s a pretty good post, and you should check it out, but I respectfully disagree with some of the sorting so I decided to do my own. 468 more words


One Year Anniversary Post {complete with free chocolate!}

What’s the occasion, you might ask? Well, peasants, it has officially been ONE YEAR since Hermione and Clara started Proud & Prejudiced Book Thieves. Crazy, yes? 245 more words

Book Reviews

DIY: Sorting Hat

Every Potterhead needs a sorting hat. There are so many practical uses: Christmas tree topper, ceremonial sorting application, Universal attire, rainy day wear…

You just… 663 more words

Things I'm Making

The best parts of ace communities, or: how my connection to ace communities converted me into a Hufflepuff

I’m really happy about this month’s prompt, because it helped me realize that a bunch of thoughts I’ve been having lately are worth writing down. As I mentioned in a past Carnival post, I have a strange sense of identity with respect to asexual community/ies, in that even though I am comfortable with my a-spec, demisexual identity, … 402 more words

A Dramatic Soprano's Confession - why I sing (the way I sing)

I am a singer – trained operatically, and a dramatic soprano at that.

In the past I forced my body to sing in the accepted way. 446 more words

Notions About Performing

Resonance and Light reblogged this on Voice Unbound™ and commented:

My journey as a singer and human being has taught me that the fundamental work is just a starting point for identifying and nurturing each person's unique resonance. Perhaps your experience of being judged vocally mirrors mine...

HP Re-read: 1.7 The Sorting Hat

In this chapter, we’ve got a Sorting and a grand feast to attend!

First off, let’s listen to understand the infamous Sorting Hat song.

You might belong in Gryffindor,

959 more words