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A (Painfully Obvious) Hogwarts Sorting Hat Quiz

Post your answer in the comments below, and I’ll tell you what Hogwarts house you’re in!

  1. What type of clothing do you wear?
    1. Hippie and tie-dye…
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Harry Potter

Sorting Hat: Brothers Conflict

Kicking off with the first in Sorting Hat series, I’ll be going over the Asahina Brothers (and Chii) from Brothers Conflict, and say which house I believe the sorting hat would place them if they enrolled at Hogwarts. 950 more words


Sorting Hat

Ok, this is something I’ve been considering on starting for a while now.

Ever since the first movie came to theaters, I’ve been a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and, I honestly want to see if I could play Sorting Hat and guess which Hogwarts houses the characters of various anime shows, MLP, and Disney would be in. 595 more words


Thoughts on Being a Gryffin-Puff

When I was first sorted way back when (circa 2012) I was a Gryffindor and proud. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were all Gryffindors and they were heroes. 658 more words

Fantastic Beasts

Beauxbatons Books – Wizarding World Series

Welcome to the next school in my Wizarding World series, if you missed the other posts about the Hogwarts Houses Hufflepuff – Ravenclaw – Gryffindor… 427 more words


Harry Potter Night (Again)

Isn’t life great when your new unit wants a Harry Potter night :)

And even better when you can get your young leaders to plan and run the evening for you! 255 more words


Sorting Hat

Matayo enrolled in the Dogwarts School. He was nervous about letting the sorting hat place him in one of the four houses.

  1. Dewclaw (curious, forward-looking, studious, avoid conflict)
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