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"Jiu Hu"

“What is this?” My eyes are crooked…

“It’s called Jiu3 Hu2, basically raw cuttlefish with vege”…

I’ve heard and tasted “Jiu Hu Char” before, meaning fried cuttlefish with vege, which are sliced thinly and mixed evenly… 35 more words

Alor Setar

Try new things; you never know what you are missing out on :d

Yesterday in school, i ate a plate of plain rice with bok choy and tau kua (豆干; a kind of dried-ish tofu). Thought the tou kua was chicken (cos yesterday craving for some meat haha. 226 more words


Sotong Kulit Limau


Hari ini saya kongsi satu lagi masakan mudah dan ringkas yang digemari keluarga…


12 ekor sotong saiz kecil
Kulit 1 biji buah limau purut dihiris halus… 81 more words


Sambal & Lemongrass Sotong

This is a tangy & spicy version of sotong.  Really delish!


  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 1 onion
  • 2 stalks lemon grass…
  • 110 more words

Opor Sotong


Sudah rancang ke, masakan apa untuk makan tengahari nanti?
Untuk entri ini saya kongsi resipi Opor Sotong. Tapi kalau tak suka sotong, boleh juga ganti dengan udang, mungkin lebih sedap :) 144 more words


Sotong Jintan Manis


Antara menu ringkas yang saya hidangkan untuk makan malam tadi ialah sotong jintan manis goreng. Anak saya kata sedap :D


1) 300g sotong, dibuang kulit dan potong sederhana besar. 75 more words


My very own Stuffed Grilled Squid

As part of this initiative of blogging the dishes that I cook at home, here I am starting that agenda. I bought some fresh squids at Cold Storage yesterday in an attempt to veer away from the usual pork and chicken that we usually buy and cook, and take note we buy them frozen! 283 more words