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I'm Probably The Only One Who Didn't Know Soul Asylum Is Still Around

I was just remembering the “Runaway Train” song by Soul Asylum in the mid nineties and I started wondering what the band had been up to. 172 more words

Gratitude Journal Monday Feb 16, 2015

Each week I would like to publish here, at least one day of my gratitude journaling that I do each day. It has helped me recognize even the small things I enjoy about my day. 410 more words

Blogging 101

2/6/2015: Top Ten Music Videos of the ’90s

The response to our top ten videos of the ’80s was so overwhelming that we at BannedCast found ourselves besieged with requests for more! Remember that scene in Miracle on 34th Street where they bring bags of letters addressed to Santa into the courtroom to prove the existence of St. 153 more words

Cowboy Hats

I had to go to the hairdressers today.

LAZARUS: That’s an interesting perfume. What’s it called?

TISH: Soap.

– The Lazarus Experiment, Doctor Who, Series 4… 161 more words


Metal/Rock 'N Roll Songs In The 90s That Helped Push Horror & Science Fiction Movies Of The Era To Their Limit

Each successive generation seems to have it’s own type of music that teens just seem to absolutely love, and older people just seem to absolutely hate! 481 more words

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Chaos: That Of The Apparent Order

The always insightful lyrics of early Soul Asylum finally revealed a nugget of wisdom to me recently. I’ve heard the song “Never Really Been” approximately 5,000 times. 446 more words