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Get Even or Love Generously


“He hit me, so I kicked him back!”

“She spilled my drink, so I threw another drink back at her.”

What does that sound like? 778 more words

Soul Care

Francis de Sales: Living in God's Presence, Part 2

“…Before prayer, we must always excite in our souls a lively apprehension of the presence of God, such as David conceived when he exclaimed: “If I ascend up to heaven, O my God, thou art there; if I descend into hell, thou art there!”¹ 329 more words


Two Years

A tidal child sings a sinner’s prayer
From wet sand castles ashore
Connected through their words and air
Withering the fruits of their labor 313 more words


The Castle and the Treehouse

The Castle and the Treehouse

Once there was a treehouse that stood the test of time.

A lot of different people have stayed there, a lot more fell in line. 500 more words


today's encouragement

Everything in life has seasons.

There is beauty to be found in everything and every season.

Some things don’t last forever.

The important ones do … 45 more words

Sixteen Miles Out

Caring for the Lifeless Living

Hour by hour, day by day, moment by moment the cruel hand of time continues to circle the numbered sphere suspended on the wall. He just lays there. 977 more words

Army Of Hope

Managing energy...

When my kids were growing up, they played a lot of video games. My parents always ensured that the kids had the latest console, and they had games, lots of games. 684 more words

Pondering Life