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After months of traveling, with its constant stream of new people and places, I’ve reunited with one small tract of unhurried land and watched my seedlings grow into Swiss chard, red leaf, romaine, and butternut lettuces, basil, oregano, and parsley. 234 more words

Country Living


I notice with dismay that an apple tree my daughter and I planted seven years ago as well as my dear Montmorency sour cherry tree that my friends and I feast from each summer aren’t leafing out this spring. 189 more words


Ample Space, Divine Opportunities

One of the more noteworthy statements I heard while traveling was, “As yoga enables us to stretch in ways we couldn’t before, so the Bhagavad-gita enables our mind to stretch to accommodate ideas we couldn’t entertain before.” 235 more words


spring murmurs

For those of us who survived Sharanagati’s drawn-out winter, the varied greens that emerge from the moist and long-dormant soil especially gladden the heart. Somehow, whatever natural and man-made disasters plague our fragile planet, the earth is still robust and the sun still shines brilliantly. 179 more words

Country Living

watching those amazing changes

Spring 2001: Priya, Gopal, Kalindi, Kava and Rasa

Spring 2011: Priya, Gopal, Kalindi, Kava and Rasa

These pictures don’t show “growing up,” Bhagavad-gita says, but “changing bodies.” At every moment our body becomes infinitesimally different from the previous moment. 169 more words