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Why Do We Delay Our Happiness!

How many times do we choose to wait for the RIGHT time? Really, when is the perfect time? You could be dead tomorrow!

Sorry, that’s direct. 621 more words

The Human & Spiritual Path

Falling Upward: Authenticity

I’ve spent so much of my life trying to prove myself to others. And a lot of this proving has been done on a stage, as I wrote about in the second paragraph… 1,202 more words

Soul Journey

True Magnificence

Hello Dear Ones! Yes, it has been a while…but I am feeling ready to share again, yay!This is a card I pulled this morning when I asked Spirit for a message. 966 more words

Soul Journey

This Is God

Some of the most profound spiritual wisdom tells us that everything and everyone is God and that all that we do is in service to God. 522 more words


9999: The Finishing Line of Insecurity

I didn’t really know

if what I do will die or grow.

I only felt a gentle touch of higher realms,

much higher than the ones I know. 120 more words

Soul Journey

Skoal! Goals!

Do you use the Amy Method of setting and achieving goals?

Not sure? Let’s test it:

  1. Decide setting goals is the way to go, because, …
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Live Well

Hoyahey, Today is a Good Day to Die

There’s a feeling I get when I look to the West, and my spirit is crying for leaving… – Led Zeppelin

Beginning the conversation

Since the onset of subtle neurological symptoms in the late 80s, I have lived an increasingly more conscious, full life. 1,270 more words