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Dating Game(s)

Day Six of Seven Days of Love:

Things I think about on a lonely afternoon:
How easy it is to fall asleep beside you.
How lying in your arms must be… 284 more words


“It’s never an accident who you sit next to… watch and observe!” Anonymous

I was told this so long ago that I have forgotten who told me and when.

217 more words

It is......

It is a place that I had never been

It is a beauty that I had never seen

It is a value that I had never measured… 168 more words


The Soul that Glows

10:09 PM

The tiny little keypad went click, click, click as her fingers moved with dexterity over the keys. “So you knew all that and you still chose to pursue me?” She asked with confusion clearly in her tone. 541 more words


The Unpopular Heartthrob

He’s not tall. He’s not that handsome. He sometimes does things clumsily. He is not a smooth talker and he never does things to sweep girls off their feet just by looking at them. 138 more words


Life Is Only Short If You Haven't Lived It To Your Full Potential...

On Thursday, I got on the bus, different from the usual train I take home each day after work. This is because I had an appointment across town I needed to get to, and this particular bus route was the best way to get there. 205 more words

How Life Works

Bound Together

The days are closing in. After today there will be only 8 more days til I start my journey onward with Sir. I’m getting more eager as the time slowly ticks by. 526 more words