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Apparently, My Soul-Mate Dog Would Be a Corgi

According to a past personality test to determine which canine a person would be best suited with, I would be paired with a Corgi!

I can see that… 48 more words


Soul Mates @ Creators Collection Box

Soul Mates is participating in this round of Creators Collection Box! And they are giving us these cool home decors! You don’t wanna miss these stuffs cos they are 50% off at the event!

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Nouveaux News

Guardian Soul mates

Another soul mate type I realized I need to add to the list.

I have met a verified three Guardian souls, in my life so far. 221 more words

Masculine Divine

S is for

I’m sitting on my balcony smoking a bowl listening to Neutral Milk Hotel, specifically, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. And now I’m positive that Ivy was one of my soul mates. 145 more words

The Small Things in Life Really Do Matter: There is no “Build a Mate Workshop”

When I worked retail, so many years ago, I had the privilege of witnessing what real love is all about. There was this elderly couple, they had to be in their late 70s or so. 2,536 more words

Divine discontent: For the lovers in search of the love

Knowing that there is a love out there for you, but not knowing what it will look like, when it’s coming or what corner it will emerge from can create a sense of unease in the body. 1,453 more words


Soul Mate

I dispute the idea that my soul is meant for one,
that my soul is matched perfectly to someone else,
when I can feel it split between so many. 110 more words