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Friendship magic.

What a magical combination. Seriously, is there anything better than getting together with a group of girlfriends, having something delicious to eat, enjoying a glass of wine (or two), and partaking in some genuine and honest conversation that ranges from downright hysterical to truly moving. 267 more words


No Such Thing as Soul Mates.

Someone a thousand miles away
Is pulling my heart from my chest
Take it already
I promise I’ll follow
Change my scenery
Arrange me however you like… 51 more words

Time, Times, and Timeless

By G.P. Avants

This is my final entry for Captain America Civil War. I think it is fitting that we look at the take away from this pivotal chapter for the Avengers. 239 more words

Energy Of Change

Energy of Change

You’re like a fresh new summer breeze,
Like the shade on a hot day.
You’re like a river I am soaring on… 70 more words


STEPHANIE LUCAS: "Straight Talk on Soul Mate Connections and Twin Flame Unions"

After observing thousands of comments amid a half dozen Facebook groups revolving around twin flames, what I observed were a lot of individuals trying to force soul mate connections and twin flame unions. 831 more words


Flame to Flame: Step Into the Light

The day our eyes meet flame to flame again,

And you look

across the table

into the pits of my extinguished night embers

That once burst with sunrise at your arrival… 188 more words

Unmistakable - #RomanticTuesday

In the Silence

I Hear a single sound,

Unmistakable 29 more words