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To The Next Guy I Love, I Refuse To Promise You 'Forever'

I don’t know where you are right now. And honestly? That’s better. If some magical Genie appeared and offered me a road map to your exact location, I’d pass. 495 more words

Camel CA 33 # Soul Mates – Beware Of Bad Dogs / Short Cut (Camel) 1969 UK 7”

The Soul Mates – Beware Of Bad Dogs / The Soul Mates – Short Cut (Camel # CA 33) 1969 UK 7”

Written by G. Adams / Glen Adams… 12 more words

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#FridayFeyDay - The Long Sleep - #FlashFiction #Myths

Locked in time overlooking inclination, the monarch watched and waited, frozen in impetus.  Long he had guarded the Keep, now fallen into ruin over the eons that had passed during his vigil; yet even longer he would wait because nothing was more important. 341 more words


"Puff and Muff" the portrait of two Best Friends watercolor and poem by D. R. Hubbell

When Synchronicity Went for Walks

Puff remembered the old man to Muff:

We said, “So long!” and “Viva la France!” to the old man those last days of May… 87 more words


Beyond the Veil: With My Michael: Part 4

Since My Michael passed, I have had many unusual occurrences happening…that he is showing he’s around me. What I am going to share with you actually happened….there were 7 people who witnessed it, but it really, made a heartfelt connection for two of us. 1,519 more words

Law Of Attraction

Refuge - #RomanticTuesday #Love #Poetry

The Soft sound of His Breath

Whispers Delicately infused in Whispers

The Light Shiver of His Touch

Sighs subtly imbued in Sighs

The Tender Embrace of His Love… 27 more words


Will You? - #RomanticTuesday #Love #Poetry

Will You Hold my Hand
As the Night closes in?

Will You Linger Close
If the Tremors Begin? 138 more words