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A Bunch of Lovers Who Don't Know How To Love

The only thing worse than loving someone who doesn’t love you is loving someone who loves you but doesn’t know how. I say it’s worse because it’s selfish as hell. 1,159 more words


The Things We Do For Love

I closed my eyes and watched my little puppy running through the dry summer grass and dissappear into the forrest.  13 years ago I met my soulmate, my life forever changed by a fancy french furry little monster named Chloe. 517 more words

One Cup Of Coffee

I Can Only Imagine

I really wanted to share something of substance that I’ve been working on, but instead, I decided to share today’s biggest loser. I’m growing less and less convinced that there is anyone of substance remaining in this entire state. 19 more words

Single Mom

Single & Dating: "Dating Down": it's not what you think

When I was younger the boys that caught my eyes were: pretty, macho, popular, sporty boys. Boys with cars, boys with jobs and money. The man I would marry was 5 years older than me. 471 more words

5 Ways Hollywood Gets Real Love Wrong

Generally speaking, Hollywood creates a love story that is unrealistic and too perfect – sweeping romanticism, grand gestures, dying for love, epic tragedies.  These romance movies draw us in emotionally and touch our souls, tricking us to believe that’s what real love looks like. 432 more words

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Snowflake Wishes

Gabriel met his wife on Christmas Eve.

He was seven, and she was eight. He found himself sitting on a bench at a park wondering if Santa was real and if so, could he send him something he really needed. 702 more words