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There’s absolutely no mirth within,
But you still draw that fake grin,
Even through your eyes I can see,
Your soul is running out of peace and glee. 154 more words

Inspirational Poems

The words meant nothing.

Destiny always returns.
At the cost of karma.
At the cost of honesty.
At the cost of the heart.
Nothing else matters.
There is a reality. 35 more words


Sometimes I wrote.

Once I spoke.
Never to the others.
Day after day, I save some more of me.
Just for you.
I hear you.
I feel in myself. 33 more words



If you do not express the thought, there is no worth in life.
So I always talked.
So, I always annoyed.
Small paths do not exist. 36 more words


Maybe after many years, I will understand.

All the blames that I get.
That all might have been a lie.
That all might be true.
That maybe I am the only one. 25 more words


Tell them how it is.

Tell them how it is when you awaken up with kisses.
Tell them how it is when you fall asleep.
Tell them how it is when you’re beloved heavenly. 102 more words


Alone with our souls.

By twos.
As first graders.
They are coming, searching, they do not even know themselves.
And so irresistibly cute.
Safe hearts, uncertain in the mornings, promising in their eyes. 36 more words