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Soul Society: The Sneak Entry arc

  • Episodes: 21 (21- 44)
  • Original run: March 1, 2005 – July 19, 2005

The Sneak Entry is the second arc in the Bleach series. The arc starts with Ichigo and his friends breaking into soul society to save Rukia from her execution. 298 more words


Deathsong by LoquaciousQuark

  • Title: Deathsong
  • Author: LoquaciousQuark
  • Fandom: Bleach
  • Paring(s): Kuchiki Rukia/Kurosaki Ichigo
  • Rating: Teen And Up
  • Genre: Canon Divergence, Soul Society
  • Length: Long (55,973 words)


An accident has unexpected ramifications, and Ichigo suddenly faces a new life and a new threat in Soul Society. 63 more words


Fanfic: Next Step Forward {GrimmUlqui}

After his death, Ulquiorra reincarnated into the Soul Society along with several other Espada, including the loud mouth Grimmjow. Now as he adjusts to life in the Seiretei, he also needs to work through his harsh memories of Hueco Mundo and lingering beliefs that are unnecessary now. 2,077 more words


Bleach - Review

Plot Synopsis: 15-year-old Kurosaki Ichigo is not your everyday high school student. He has from as far he can remember always had the ability to see ghosts and spirits. 2,438 more words

Anime Reviews

AMV Roundup! Bleach- Beautiful People

Wow, this AMV was fantabulous. I already love the Beautiful People song, and I really adore the way they used it with clips from Bleach, almost like the opening of an anime. 88 more words


Shreveport has Soul Society

This article was originally published in the Shreveport Times on Wednesday, November 19, 2014>

Chicago has Drill. The San Francisco/Oakland Bay area has Hyphy. Memphis has Trap — and now Shreveport has Soul Society. 432 more words


Bleach 599 - Aaaaand a hole in the head means the Soul King's dead?

Oh boy. Bleach chapter 599 was a real doozy. A doozy that had my eyes wide open like this.Definitely better than this week’s chapter of Naruto which was a total snoozefest (will get to that in a little bit). 615 more words