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Not One of the "Pretty Girls"

Ann is the cute one. Claire is the creative one. I am the smart one.

Ann is the funny one. Claire is the strong one. I am the responsible one. 1,651 more words


My Soul Song: Look Up

You seek answers.

You seek healing.

You pray for hope, for signs to follow.

Stop crying for your angels.

Stop begging for mercy.

Stop looking where you’ve already been. 58 more words

Soul Songs

My Soul Songs: Not Unlike a RoseĀ 

MS is invisible even as it unfolds.

Fighting MS is completely an inside job. You might never see what’s deep inside my soul as we laugh and go about our days like nothing’s wrong. 49 more words


My Soul Song: Always There

He is always there with His love, His light. All is just as it should be right now. Just look. You’ll see.

I see…


My Soul Song: Time to Fly

Why would anyone want to walk a line, when they could fly? It could just be a line from an old Bangles song, or it could be that I was born to fly. 22 more words


Soul Songs #23

He Knew

She looked downward, as if that could hide the tears that were about to fall.

She reached and put her hand on her heart to calm its racing. 101 more words


Soul Songs #22

Parables of Love, Part III: How Great Thou Art, A Lesson in SongĀ Each soul has a song to sing and it cannot be stopped. Some sing with words, some with action, the best with hearts that cannot be stopped. 686 more words

Soul Songs