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Soul Songs #9

Who Am I?

When I imagine the way in which others see me, I still think the shy, smart, sad, and painfully quiet little blonde with glasses is all there is. 273 more words


Soul Songs #8

Learning to Thrive:

Blue skies with layers of cumulous white offer glimpses of light, reasons to believe the season will pass.

Spring will come.

We will survive this coldest of winters. 53 more words


My Soul Songs #4: Sunlight on Snow

Sunlight on snow has always been one of my favorite scenes. Cool, sunny skies invigorate me. But it’s deeper than that. It’s not just that this girl from the northwest still gets excited at the sight of snow. 360 more words


Soul Songs #5

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

One foot in front of the other

You’re still alive, so live.

Say love. Give love. Be love. 37 more words


Soul Songs #6:

Living My Yoga

When I say I’m living my yoga, I mean I’m living true to my core being. I am honoring my soul. In yoga, I start by setting my intention. 136 more words


Soul Songs #3

A body in motion tends to stay in motion. So I am a woman on the move.

I get up. I give thanks. I go all in. 63 more words


Soul Songs #2

I believe we all have our own unique vibration and energy that we put out and exchange with the world. Every soul does.

And every soul has a story and a song. 34 more words