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Wake Me Up

Sometimes a song just speaks to my soul.

Feeling my way through the darkness
Guided by a beating heart

I feel like I’ve made my own darkness and I have to guide myself with my heart.

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Soul Songs


This song was released almost 20 years ago. A full score has passed in my life and I feel worse about the world than I did back then. 616 more words

Soul Songs

Fast Car

I was 16 when this song hit the airwaves. I was struggling with themes and subjects that I would defer. Then it hit me like a cold Kansas wind on a day meant for Spring. 523 more words

Soul Songs


When I heard this version of this side, I put it on repeat and worked out it to for over an hour. The object can be a love, a spiritual guide, or someone that helps the soul. 207 more words

Soul Songs

The Way It Is

If there was a song to describe the week, I feel this is the one. Just this week we had a Rich Education scandal, white supremacists killings, and our corrupt government. 365 more words

Soul Songs

Ooh - Child

I was looking for a song that would capture the week in as simple words as possible. Then I heard this song and I remembered its power and soul. 193 more words

Soul Songs

Tarzan Boy

This song made me feel good because of the times. It is 2019 and but it may as well be 1986. In some areas, it feels like we’ve not advanced one bit in 1/3 of a century. 490 more words

Soul Songs