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she’s burning coal,
chasing fire like the wind,
red spots, hot spots,
foggy and misty,
she’s chokin’ on smoke
and tasting memories
that burn her throat. 83 more words



I rise up in the mornings,
put on my superman cape
paste a smile on my face,
I will show them what it means
To be brave. 113 more words


chaos in a bottle.

she’s fucking chaos in a bottle
brains on fire
thoughts inside a jetpack.
she’s reckless, venturesome
whispering to the wind
cat-calling to the past
she’s fucking chaos in a bottle… 56 more words


little bird.

Fly little bird, fly away
Fly from those fires that rage
Find your peace in darkness
Find your quiet in the night
Fly little bird, far away… 88 more words


The Second Mind

“The truth is, you learn a little more about yourself every time someone says good-bye”
r.m. drake 1,429 more words

how to be brown.

don’t be.

your brown skin,
how could it ever be –
so beautiful as mine.
your brown words,
how could they ever be –
so perfectly refined. 108 more words