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You Think This Happens Every Day?

He’s two today and he can call

my name, Bibi, with all his heart.

We talk on the phone.

I’m singing to him and honking… 142 more words

Daily Word Prompt


I let myself miss you tonight;
for a fleeting moment I remembered
the you that you were
when I loved you the most,
not this being that you became; 90 more words



Tonight, I walked the streets of a town;
dusk had settled an hour ago,
streetlights lit a cracked sidewalk.
It was a lesson in being present; 190 more words



you didn’t think i liked you,
but you just didn’t see
how I was remembering in case
you were nothing but a memory.


soul speak.

there are things that are beyond words,

like one soul speaking to another.

to touch the deepest parts of another human being,

to know what makes them ache… 35 more words



Couldn’t be more naked if I tried,
took off my skin and bared my soul to you —
offered everything inside of me,
and you took it.


too much.

don’t tell’em how you feel,
don’t let’em know you’re crazy
never tell’em that you cry,
at night,
when you’re alone.
always be strong.
don’t ask for a thing. 92 more words