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Less Judging, More Loving

Love, the most abused of the virtues, no doubt. Nonetheless, its effect’s strong. I used to be a judgmental someborri and it did me no good. 638 more words

Soul Speak

Like the tide
Come and go
Ne’er do they abide

Over hearts
And minds
They swell
But do not dwell

Tarry long
I pray thee… 58 more words

Soul Speak


Can I but have one wish

I’d wish to return to my mother’s womb

Can I but have one request

I’d desire to be left alone… 77 more words

Soul Speak

The 2nd Coming

Turning and turning in the widening gyre.

The falcon cannot (see) hear the falconer.

Things fall apart the centre cannot hold.

My love for the written word (well composed) has no bounds.

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Soul Speak


Can you just give me a moment to rave about this poem? Thank you. I can’t exactly recall how and when I first came across this write up but I think it was as a friend’s dp; framed and all and as usual with me, when I stumble upon something interesting, I research into it-yes, ‘cos I’m cool like that🙌 388 more words

Soul Speak

Too soon a Sunset

The sun sets

But too soon I fear

Life barely has begun

Have we finished dancing?

To the scintillating tunes of the piper?

Weep not mother… 148 more words

Soul Speak

Soul Speak

Can you feel the art’s vibrations? Do you see its rhythm? Do you like the melody? Can you name the mood? Dig the harmony? What is the overall feeling? 565 more words

Lidia Kenig Scher