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we all have skeletons in our closets,
with strong bones and socket eyes
that can look straight into your soul.
we all have a door thats locked, 214 more words


beginning to end.

Horse trailers make me cry and
you can fit a lot of memories in a wheelbarrow.
hello life,
hello life.
A hundred different songs
can feed a hundred thousand souls… 147 more words


the lies we lead.

She says he says mean things
and the man in the nice shirt says
you have to get out or he’ll kill you –
eventually; 151 more words


dead microwaves.

Her words were cold,
like ice on a grave
but it’s hard to heat things
in a dead microwave.
She wanted to speak,
words and words… 141 more words


they said she was different.

she wasn’t always brave,
nope, not nearly at all.
she was afraid –
of a lot of things
some big and some small.
she wanted to be that girl… 183 more words



in days long passed,
this place would have been
filled with smoke
now it’s just got
a bunch of old souls
listening to sounds
so loud they can’t hear… 35 more words


It’s hard to explain to someone, anyone, especially the someone-anyone that you love, that you are being suffocated by their presence. It doesn’t mean you love them less, just that you need to be alone. 43 more words

Soul Speak