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Hey guys – this is for a classmate of mine. We are trying to raise money so she doesn’t lose her home. If you can donate – please share and do so. 6 more words

Soul Speak


Go where you feel God,
not where they tell you he is.
If it’s a mountain where you find Him,
then get your backpack
and your campin’ bags… 144 more words


words that i felt.

the sand between my toes
does not heal me.
there is no peace for me here.


When I grow up,
I want to be brave. 60 more words


The Soul's Journey ~ Matt Kahn

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Without further ado, over to Matt Kahn.

Submitted by Jenni Bodenham.


Stairway of the Macabre

Quick, let’s build a wall.
Make it a hundred feet high;
better yet, make it two.
Take away their shovels
and ladders and ropes
and while we’re at it, 120 more words


This Unity of Ancient Belonging

May the light of your soul guide you.
May the light of your soul bless the work you do with the 
   secret love and warmth of your heart. 1,219 more words

The Lenoir Voice

On This Day of Mourning

To Orlando and to Everyone, on June 12th 2016

by Abigail Taylor

I feel unworthy to speak
To such a tragic day.
But how must I channel… 136 more words