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just lie to me.

Just one more fuck up.
Tell me one more lie –
I’ll believe it.
You don’t even know.
You don’t even know.
I’ll fake it so good. 97 more words



i think the thing
that is most impressive,
is that someone who knew me
for only four hours,
knew me better than you
and you had six years… 234 more words



conquering the world,
because that is what i do.
not to be brave
or courageous.
but to forget.
to prove i dont need you.
that i can do this, 10 more words


You Love More, The More You Give

There is three things that are very prominent for me this morning.
Circling around my mind.
So I’ll start here,

1. We cannot ask, nor expect, someone to do for us, what we will not first do for ourselves. 887 more words


i have not, in quite some time,
want to drag a blade across my skin
as much as tonight.
It is the third day of being twenty-seven, 80 more words



i think about the throwback Thursdays
that will come, inevitably
how my heart will break again
the first time i see you
with a face that’s not mine, 19 more words


At My Deepest Breath

It is breathtaking, how much love can be created and shared, when we take time for ourselves. Without the expectation to be anything BUT ourselves, not anything more, not anything less. 759 more words

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