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The dream reality divide


Yesterday was vague. Vague, as in a dream. I was sleepy beyond a level. I woke up only after reaching the college gate with a dreaming which I had already woken up and gone about my work. 641 more words

Soul Talk

Moments of lucidity interspersed among my delusional day covered in a haze of sleepless fatigue.

We’re pushing through each minute. And in a moment, the answer becomes clear.

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Soul Talk

May 29th

I should be dead. Or my life should be really messed up right now. I know that sounds exaggerated but after all the stupid and senseless things I have done starting at eighteen years old, it’s by the hand of God that I’m here and I’ve made it this far in life with the opportunities and the chances I’ve been so graciously given. 2,045 more words

Soul Talk

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' creator: Here's how a Pimento spin-off would begin

In last night’s season 4 finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake and Rosa needed someone who could help them cozy up to a dirty lieutenant who ran an elite task force by her own rules. 560 more words


'The House' red-band trailer brings Vegas, crazy money, and crazy hangovers

We’ve already seen a lot from Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler’s antics in The House, but a new red-band trailer spotlights the final member of this trio: Jason Mantzoukas.  249 more words


🔥 TwinFlames 🔥

Anything he could do

She could do too

Lit Sparks in the air

forming something new

Putting energies into forces

combining them into one

Frequencies put together by the moon… 76 more words


Adversity Turned Strength

They say depression is in the mind, that it can be inherited. They say that pills 837 more words