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Fighting Inner Demons!

Most of our battles are with the demons inside our head. Every now and then, if we could check on our emotions, we will be surprised that our brains are sending out wrong vibes into the universe and attracting those things which should not be a part of our life. 251 more words


Lifting a burden off me, Wow that felt good to write this.

Fighting in an army is like drilling a whole in a tooth, at first its tense, then breakthrough and victory comes you have access to the desired place you’re wanting to get access too. 2,294 more words

I killed my heart

Sometimes, in the quiet of my room, I look inside, deep inside within myself. I get scared of the darkness that I see there. It is like there never has been any light when indeed there shone, one upon a time, a brilliance of faith that illuminated my entire self. 903 more words


My Anxiety Story |Soul Talk Series❤

Hello there,

I know you are not expecting a post such as this one but guys I wanted to share what I have been going through might be helpful to someone out there who needs help with this issue. 1,614 more words


How To Pick Yourself Back Up

We have all experienced a major downfall in our lives. There are times in which one can become inconsistent with their commitments & whether those commitments come in the form of faith, personal goals, life decisions, self-care, et cetera, many of us can agree to falling from self-important obligations. 620 more words


Love Without Reason

Last Sunday was a dream. I have always wanted to reach out to others and do something purposeful in life. Me and my brother was invited by our uncle, Mr Santhosh Mathews, founder of Love Without Reason, to a medic camp in Pavagada. 419 more words


Fearless Firefly- A Poetess collaboration.

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“Do what makes your soul shine” 

When this blog was serialized three years back, I doubted its endurance all the time. 197 more words

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