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And she said, “If life was fair darling would anyone ever wish death?”

-Anusha Sarraf


The Eagle View

I am writing for a community that embraces fear over faith. Look at the neighborhood and you’ll find shops and people that have not changed for many years, not moved and you wonder why their lives have not improved. 223 more words


The Philosophy of the ENDS

Lately and for a long while, I have been mired in a vigorous pondering process, the kind that ends with you captivated in a compulsory yet enchanting solitary confinement, it is not much of a peculiar habit for me, but the last dip was the greatest challenge I have ever endeavored, at least in terms of soul survival. 831 more words

Crazy wild thoughts...

Sometimes I wonder if people with mental disorder even requires any treatment. Like what if they were bought up without the norms of the society. Like all this tags to be this way or that way. 484 more words


This is me...

Hi..this is Ash here. I thought that I might as well go ahead and generalise my blog but now I think it wouldn’t work. So here I am, I am going to personalise it. 105 more words

Soul Talk

The Burden is Light

After a couple months of wondering around in fuzzy-mindedness towards the God I had previously decided to give my life to – glossily sliding around spiritual conversations with skillfully placed B-school cliches, always readily available, and without much effort, at my fingertips – this is their nature, these cliches, verses and phrases – they take little effort, they are designed to get one out of a tough spot. 1,184 more words


Thoughts of you illuminate my spirit;
Never a flicker of flame, but with
Arching bolts which strike with a force
That disturbs my equilibrium.

My mind races as waves of passion flush over… 59 more words

Soul Talk