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Wishing upon that Star

As I wish upon that star
Wondering where you are
I’m tired of this endless fight
Wishing I was in your arms tonight.

Promises made and words were said… 74 more words

Soul Talk

Want To Create A Change In Your Life? Here's Why You Should Start Right Now

If you’re finding it challenging to create change in your life, one way might just give you the incentive you need to get up, take action and do things differently – living each day like it was your last. 531 more words


Did they choose to die?

In my last post, I wrote about the fact that we do NOT live in a random Universe, but in a Universe that follows a Divine plan, and that nobody dies without their consent. 1,610 more words

Soul Talk

Hello World! My voice has arrived.

I sit, curled on a linen couch, in a home that is not my own, looking at the shores of Cayman Brac and typing in this strange, little box to give rise to my words. 154 more words

Cayman Brac

Learning Who Belongs Where In My Life!

Well, finally after so many months, it feels good to be back writing and to have the liberty to express myself freely. It feels good when you have people who truly love you supporting and pushing you to destiny. 378 more words


Straight From The Heart

I’ve been waiting on the perfect timing to start back writing again. I know alot of you have been wondering where I’ve been, but life has a way of making, changing, and shaping you. 436 more words


The Most Powerful Technique For Change: The Interrupt Mantra

I Was Starting To Feel Like A Robot.

After being alive for 22 years so many of my reactions were automatic, as if the result of programming over time. 842 more words


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