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My Anxiety Story |Soul Talk Series❤

Hello there,

I know you are not expecting a post such as this one but guys I wanted to share what I have been going through might be helpful to someone out there who needs help with this issue. 1,614 more words


How To Pick Yourself Back Up

We have all experienced a major downfall in our lives. There are times in which one can become inconsistent with their commitments & whether those commitments come in the form of faith, personal goals, life decisions, self-care, et cetera, many of us can agree to falling from self-important obligations. 620 more words


Love Without Reason

Last Sunday was a dream. I have always wanted to reach out to others and do something purposeful in life. Me and my brother was invited by our uncle, Mr Santhosh Mathews, founder of Love Without Reason, to a medic camp in Pavagada. 419 more words


Fearless Firefly- A Poetess collaboration.

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“Do what makes your soul shine” 

When this blog was serialized three years back, I doubted its endurance all the time. 197 more words

Soul Talk

And she said, “If life was fair darling would anyone ever wish death?”

-Anusha Sarraf


The Eagle View

I am writing for a community that embraces fear over faith. Look at the neighborhood and you’ll find shops and people that have not changed for many years, not moved and you wonder why their lives have not improved. 223 more words


The Philosophy of the ENDS

Lately and for a long while, I have been mired in a vigorous pondering process, the kind that ends with you captivated in a compulsory yet enchanting solitary confinement, it is not much of a peculiar habit for me, but the last dip was the greatest challenge I have ever endeavored, at least in terms of soul survival. 831 more words