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To the Brave

Maybe tomorrow the door will close

I don’t want you to be sad

For this is life

Somethings are forever

Somethings are for a season… 60 more words

Spur Of The Moment

Live in the benefit of your patience

The human’s  physical world works at a different pace
than that of your higher self planes
Do not allow this to confuse you and
misunderstand the speed of materializing… 247 more words


it's always the "right" time

No matter what thoughts run through your head

No matter what has happened…

It is always the “right” time for the experiences that take place… 90 more words


My Angels

My whole world crumbled in despair,

From happy tails and barking sounds

loving their lives in leaps and bounds

To a world of sadness, with no repair. 186 more words

Soul Talk

Catalysts from the Universe

We’ve all been there. We desperately want something but just don’t get around to doing precisely that. Though we really have nothing to lose with just giving it our best and doing the task, we procrastinate and give excuses and simply just keep pushing it away from us. 728 more words

Soul Talk

ًWhere My Words Resonate

Where my words resonate

And where the pictures reside

Where my speech is marked for long through the ears

And where my notions dwell as I confide… 1,060 more words


I always wondered what this term meant.. ” they sold their souls to the…whatevers “. As much as it sounds creepy, I think I get what they mean. 456 more words