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Goals for May 5/17-23

Do: This week, I need to:

  • be deliberate in what I do. In the moments of lucidity and less fatigue, I want to be more deliberate in doing my soul-thing. 
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I’ve given up on verbally describing HOUSE to people that ask me “What is House Music?“.  I used to tell people that House is a constantly evolving style of dance music with many branches that has it’s roots in the production elements of 70’s disco/80’s electronica, furthered along by advances in recording & production technologies, created/incubated/melded in Chicago/New York/Jersey/Detroit,  then migrated around the planet and back again while absorbing multiple influences as it sonically unites people of all beliefs/nationalities/sexualities through the spiritual power that it can produce within our bodies/hearts/souls/minds blah… 56 more words


U is for Under the Radar

When Taylor said those infamous words, “I’m bringing real music back to fucking pop music!”, I thought he was referring to bringing back music like Under the Radar. 453 more words

TWO YEARS AGO TODAY - Taylor Hicks at the Big E!

Soul Thing – by EJ

The significance of this performance was it was the last time the whole band played together on that tour. Felix left after that. 26 more words

Jazz Leaves Her F'cking Number, July Fourth

What did he say? Taylor Hicks’ appearance in the “Capitol Fourth” event gives new meanings to the phrase, “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” as outlined in our Declaration of Independence. 76 more words

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