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Archangel Oracle Cards Spiritual Understanding

Spiritual Understanding
“Archangel Raziel: I am bringing you exoteric information and symbols, and helping you understand spiritual truths.”

“Your spiritual understanding is rising to another level, as you open up to new ways of looking at life. 159 more words



According to Wikipedia, an OBE Out-Of-Body Experience is the sensation of floating outside of your body, and being able to see yourself from outside your physical being. 457 more words


Trips To Other Worlds

Sleep can be divided into two stages. One that is about the body’s health in which the metabolic mechanisms are adjusted, and another one that is only known by the the ones initiated into a higher esoteric level – also known as consciously connecting with worlds from another existential plane. 938 more words


Dreams of an Indigo/Crystal Child

When Sarah S. and I first connected through my blog, I was impressed with how beautifully she wrote. She expressed herself like an ‘old soul’ who has carried wisdom from many previous lifetimes. 1,481 more words

Soul Travel

"Swirl Your Awakened Mind"

Rare moments
When thunderous clarity erupts
Like lightening arcing across a dark sky,
Capturing profound electricity –
Hold the frequency, the memory
Inside your heart, 109 more words

Cosmic Tidbits

Ayahuasca - Welcome to The Jungle

We both got up early to have the same breakfast with Carolina. This time I had the fish head and boiled plantain instead of the fish body and grilled plantain. 1,505 more words


Surrender vs Give up / Rendirse o Renunciar?


How many of us were told since we learned how to walk, that being barefoot is equivalent to get sick and have a whole week of snots? 1,600 more words