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Spirit Travel-Soul Travel

There are some people talking about how they can travel in the spirit or in the soul -they haven’t quite figured out which way it is yet – however they are talking about how they can do it at will.   1,079 more words


Written by Pino-x

Sweet Sweet, Sweet Sweet,

Like jelly jello,

words taste like wild honey,

oh its true, not a doubt.

sends forth to convience… 46 more words

What This is All About!!

Well don’t we all ask that question of life, over and over again. No matter how old or young we are. If we have an enquiring mind and a curious nature then that is the human thing to do. 269 more words

Expolring Awareness


Do not be Afraid.

Written by Pino-x

How curious is the mind of the intellectual?

They say the desire to learn, is the ability to grow. 201 more words

Time Travel?  You ARE a Time Machine!

Following up from my previous post on “How to Burst Your Bubble,” we are all of us time travelers!  We have the capacity to transport ourselves to any NOW of our imagining via our divine gift of creative visualization. 753 more words

Daily Blog

Out-of-Body Experiences – Separation from Self

Also known as OBEs, out-of-body experiences are states in which individuals feel like they are floating outside their physical body. In many cases the person may even be able to see their body, while existing outside of themselves. 503 more words

Wendy Saunders

The Ninth Door: Materianimus

Since 2005 I have been solving the 64 Doors. On a rainwater lake in parallel~dimension Malaysia four huts on stilts house 64 puzzles waiting to be solved. 4,963 more words