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Coming to our senses - Quotes

  • Berman, M. (1990). Coming to Our Senses (Bantam ed edition). New York: Bantam.

  1. Science and magic are hardly identical, to be sure, but both have a strong manipulative component, and it is in this sense that magic came to serve as the midwife of modern science.
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Scholarly Writing

Day 152 - This Wanderer

Stop Knocking

I, the wanderer

ever seeking

the lonelier way

begin no day

where I ended

another and no

sunrise shall find

me where the sunset… 96 more words

Energy is rockin'!

Really high vibes tonight…I am just getting purer and purer – which is good.

High frequency vibes coming from the higher chakras.

Lately I have been thinking about soul-travel and astral travel a lot…I still am not able to do it! 445 more words

The Traveller

With a ghost of a smile,

he waited a while.

In the distance he saw,

the broken law.

The child inside,

did not need to hide. 24 more words


Tibetan Mental Technique

I am nothing if not an advocate for the mental techniques of soul travel. Getting out of the body is a difficult thing to remember though we all do it quite often in sleep states. 1,149 more words

Soul Travel

Target Technique

I thought I would attempt William Buhlman’s “Target Technique” (discussed in the video) for two weeks, leaving a detailed map of each night’s outcome in the comments section. 13,300 more words

Soul Travel

Gaining a Soul~full State of Mind

When considering how to begin preparing for an out of body experience it’s often easy to be overwhelmed. Most of us come home from work to do housework, having little time to relax before bed. 1,551 more words

Soul Travel