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Illusion in Confusion

He searched far and wide,
for a place to hide.
From the terrible sound,
of the approaching hound.

At the edge of creation,
he set up his station. 20 more words


Sounds of Success,Level 6,5, O Listen deeply!

Sounds of Success, Level 6, 5, O listen deeply!

During today’s brain retrain session, I allowed my imagination to create the place of sounds. It happened quite spontaneously, and I drifted purposely away from John Assaraf’s voice toward the tinkling bells, and the fibulating echoes of my listening experience. 196 more words

Mystic Verses and Music of Maharshi Mehi Paramhans

Look Not in the Five Directions. Look Instead Ahead in the Centre of the Sixth! Mystic Verses of Maharshi Mehi Paramhans Ji Maharaj



Discard looking in any of the five directions — downwards, upwards, to the right, left and rear… 575 more words


Book Review #34 - Eckankar Ancient Wisdom for Today

Eckankar Ancient Wisdom for Today – How Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel can help you find God

What is Eckankar?
“There are many routes we can take to heaven. 535 more words


Archangel Oracle Cards Spiritual Understanding

Spiritual Understanding
“Archangel Raziel: I am bringing you exoteric information and symbols, and helping you understand spiritual truths.”

“Your spiritual understanding is rising to another level, as you open up to new ways of looking at life. 159 more words

Trips To Other Worlds

Sleep can be divided into two stages. One that is about the body’s health in which the metabolic mechanisms are adjusted, and another one that is only known by the the ones initiated into a higher esoteric level – also known as consciously connecting with worlds from another existential plane. 938 more words


Dreams of an Indigo/Crystal Child

When Sarah S. and I first connected through my blog, I was impressed with how beautifully she wrote. She expressed herself like an ‘old soul’ who has carried wisdom from many previous lifetimes. 1,481 more words

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