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Written by Chaka PX

Falls on landed back i threw it,

come down to me we got one second,

I hate the line in sky, drawn to my advantage. 79 more words


Written by Chaka PX

Death inside the Pan tray

the agent of life,

Exist in free thought, when the tides began to sink.

    Squeeze the juice of unholy desires… 69 more words

The Journey Begins

Soul Travel is an immersion of your Archetypal Self in an interactive Assemblage that propels you on a Living Journey through the Metaphorical Mind-space of Psycho-Emotional Constellations -replete with both straightforward and abstract images, vivified by subtly sophisticated animations of the inner topography from the deeply subjective world; continuously Perfecting and looking to deliver along unprecedented, fascinating, and creative paths. 73 more words

Archetypal Assemblage


Written by Chaka Px

Closed imaginations mother of creativity,

i forge the existance of my brains in questions,

who do i become? thoughts in cloud. 66 more words

Big News!!!

In a previous post, I had mentioned my travel plans for 2018. At least the ones that I currently have planned. But first, let me start by saying that this past year was one of incredible things. 693 more words