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Big News!!!

In a previous post, I had mentioned my travel plans for 2018. At least the ones that I currently have planned. But first, let me start by saying that this past year was one of incredible things. 693 more words

Astral Stroll

Oil on canvas, 18″ x 24″


Don’t use my art without permission. See disclaimer. 

Oil Paintings


Written by Chaka PX

Condolence to all the dead still living,

          We ain’t stiff but alive.

I saw the cadaver, don’t tell them about it. 89 more words


Written by Chaka Px

Breath away, I smell your intuition,

But you are far away,

I held you so close

But you are far away, 29 more words

Loss and Grief

There is nothing more painful than having a family member pass away before your eyes. Watching them slowly pass can bring up all sorts of painful memories and experiences that we must learn from. 393 more words



Written by Chaka PX

Delusional and unprotected,

i run with thoughts and ideas,

craving the idea of once imaginations

My mad mind kills without weapons. 56 more words

mutual dreaming

Can two or more people (even complete strangers) share dream elements? Can two or more people agree to dream together and intentionally interact? Dreamers casually talk about these episodes. 768 more words