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Monday i am in love 26/9/16

Monday September 26th, 2016

Moon in Leo

Jupiter and Venus in Libra

Sun in Libra

This is an amazing week to get things done, there is a lot of positive energy floating around, Today is a Happy day!!!   247 more words


day 95 . delicious you

selling my soul to the devil
signing the consent
eternal condemnation
absolutely worth it
just so I can spend
one breathtaking day
with delicious
gorgeous you


Thought Paradox

Maybe I’m not thinking straight or maybe just lost

Maybe I’m looking for love or maybe just spending too much time alone
Maybe I need to believe or maybe just don’t care… 91 more words

A quiet place to hide

Quietness and peace within

Are things that are worth cherishing

When chaos and commotion does surround

And solitude cannot be found.

The ability to dwell inside… 23 more words


As the smoke lingers

In and out, of rehab

I mean, most of the time, no one quite speaks literally.

They don’t know, they can only assume

of what it takes to shatter a soul. 185 more words


Mood Music 9/25

You’ll come to learn that I’m passive aggressive; it’s no different with the mood music. Also, I’ll hopefully be posting later today with something that has more than 50 words. (:


Unanswered questions, carry the most grace.
Maribella Genova