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Every step, every decision, every love or hate, every gaze;

We walk into a trap.

If doubt, dread or fear and sicknesses gives us a tap. 201 more words


Breathe in; live in the moment.

Okay, Hi. I always tend to start my entries with “so the past few days I’ve been” and now that I have pointed that out, I can start with exactly pointing that out. 1,255 more words

Trying vs Allowing

Trying vs. Allowing – THE Way to go with the Flow

by Vera Ingeborg
Jul 24, 2017

I am very grateful that you can find most of my blogs as an audio version on the  1,619 more words

The story of Mark, part one; Hell Church

A young man of the age of 17 had died tradgically, upon death his soul immediately forgot the vast majority of it’s physical life experience. 199 more words

Living the Word 'NURTURE' - An Artists Journey To Life - Day 817

Today marks one week since I began re-defining and living the word ‘Nurture’. What I have found with doing this deliberately for the past 7 days is that it has been a process in where various different dimensions of this word and application opened up during the week. 980 more words

Self Honesty