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Monday 22

We have to risk losing ourself in order to find ourself.  The sentence stuck to me as I was reading over some old words i’d written, because lost is exactly how I feel. 108 more words


Be careful following the masses.
Sometimes the M is silent.

Or sometimes they hide their identity by adding an M.

Blessings, Andy
Book; amazon.com/God,Reward,andPunishment Are they real?

Booker T. Jones - 8.14.16 - Hartwood Acres

A couple of Sundays ago, the forecast called for rain most of the day.  That forecast was pretty much correct except for when it stopped raining around 6:00 pm.  337 more words

Letters to You.

I hope you see the light that your soul bears and the potential that you possess.

And I pray that you do not waste it away. 6 more words


The power of getting somewhere

So…I have been distracted with the new Facebook page I created for this blog. It’s a nice change from blogging, with shorter more frequent posts. 1,000 more words


Sunday 20

Hunched up against the wall again, a stack of three pillows between the wall and the bed and my bent back, I’m seeing all the things in my room under new light. 130 more words