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Travel for your soul.!

They say “Traveling”- It leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.Sometimes it feels like you should keep wandering for days until you find a perfect destination were you could halt and be yourself. 125 more words


Mary Warrior Queen- Human Magnifier

Truth has consequences.  We do not always have things figured out on how to live a truth that is introduced to us if it is moral or spiritual.  828 more words

We know when the gods

are approaching. Glitter of cymbals. Lightning of pipes and high woods. They approach us from hearth and from heart. How can we sing through these tears and laughter? 25 more words


When Nothing is Said

If someone can

Read your lips and


The unspoken words

When nothing is said

And the hearts engage

In the most interesting


Only the truth is conveyed… 48 more words


This Haiku: Alma

What is evident

Is often just visible


Crying in the Shower

I cry in the shower

so no one can see

the tears that escape

from inside of me

I cry in the shower

so no one will know… 60 more words


The Rock and the Hard Place

I so want to free what’s in my soul;
but, I have grave doubts it will console.

Ugh… sadly no good can come of it; 177 more words