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Lord Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment

Lord Dunmore’s Ethiopian Regiment or Ethiopian Regiment was the name given to the Black unit that was part of the British colonial military, organized during the American Revolutionary war. 418 more words

You will not find

You will not find in another someone greater than yourself.

Therefore, do not exhibit deference.

If there is deferring to be done, let the world defer to us.

Even babies know this!

From The Counsellor

In Response to William James and “The Will to Believe”

Sometimes one leaf
Will wave, oscillate.
A perfect repetition
again and again.
A dancing leaf machine,
Just the right shape,
Weight, tilt and wind—
Bent back by breeze, 82 more words


New Music: French Montana - Sanctuary 2

French put out a part 2 to one of his best songs. Hit the jump for the stream.


The Awakening

His tongue roams the landscape of my desires
Tasting dreams of Aruban sunrises kissing sleeping skin
Savoring memories of tequila body shots at Mexican bars… 40 more words

Free Form

Coming Home

I don’t listen to a lot of new music. Once a week, however I will check the new music section of Google Play Music just to see if anyone I like has released something new. 141 more words


If you do not repent
After you commit a sin
The adversary will oppress again
Your soul
In chains
It shall be
Lest you turn your way… 86 more words