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Dreams Become Reality

It is simple, really. Intend to live the life your heart and Source desire, have faith that you are stronger than the world believes, then live that intention. 19 more words


A Final Good-bye

She looked nice.  Her silvery white hair was a few shades lighter than her dress.  I can’t recall ever seeing her in a dress before.  I grabbed the holy water to make the sign of the cross on her body.  155 more words


Day 356 - To See And To Touch

Sleeping Truths

I have seen your

truth, the wild

wonderment that

lies in secrecy. I have

peered through

the depths of time

and space gazing… 83 more words

A Soul Infused

It’s been almost a week since Tank has left and I’m hanging on by a thread already. I’ve noticed quite a few changes in the way I approach life that I forgot I used to do. 372 more words



The ravenous nature of our existence can sometimes take turns we wish it would not. Unsa Memon beautifully gives words to the very core of our endless yearnings. 124 more words


Her Tremulous Soul

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Reach High

“Reach high for the stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.”

~ Pamela Vaull Star

Heart Transplant