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I want a dream that can go so far
I want a dream that means we are touching stars
I want a dream that can never be taken away… 167 more words


The Universe is calling your Violet Rays

I think we have all had moments on this journey of human experience where we question the flux of heterogeneous events, people, and emotions that have imprinted our souls, changed our hearts, and at times even rendered us speechless. 364 more words


Children of Light

If the day of our soul does not turn to evening and become dark, no thieves will come then to rob or slay or ruin our soul. 19 more words


Two: Something Old, Something New

Hello lover,

I haven’t talked to you in awhile. I thought I had laid you to rest, but just like you told me that day, you would and will always be here. 1,574 more words


The Thing About Potential (we are all candles)

Sitting there like a match missing a flame
Candles can mould into anything amazing
Bringing light to the world now that’s potential

The thing about a candle is it’s something new, different and old… 124 more words



It is hard to think of others,
when I all crave is emotion.

For I feel,
Too much, and too little.

I’d rather create my own world, 58 more words