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SheepCat's Lullaby

“This writing is not in the style of a mellow, soft spoken lullaby”

Some days.. I feel like sporting my mohawk

Back in the day as a teen… 133 more words



Alxndr London will release his debut EP ‘A Long Time Ago’ next month, and new track ‘Shuffle’ has got us pretty excited about it.  In a similar way to contemporaries XamVolo & Gallant, it’s a fresh take on R&B that contrasts the smooth subtleties of the genre with big, satisfying hits of electronica.  Stream below via SoundCloud.

New Music


Dear Sharon,

Yeah I am writing this one to you. Gurl, all month long you have been writing about nurturing, but seriously what have you done to nurture yourself this month. 114 more words


Zen, Prose and Pose with Cookiee Kawaii

1) Can Introduce Yourself? And give us the back story on your alias (stage name)?

Cookie: Wassup world , my name is Cookiee Kawaii & I’m from Irvington NJ. 1,879 more words

Soulcial Dreamers

Scent is a funny thing... (2002)

Scent is a funny thing to me.
It rules my memories
With an iron fist of
Haunting recollections.

The incense burning on my alter
Comforts and protects, 93 more words


From an elder passed down for a future generation

Every experience in life is simply an adventure.  It is the emotions we attach to the adventure that creates memories.  The mind only sees images and the emotions fill in the spaces to create attachments that create memories.   417 more words

Rainbow Of Life

The Royal Peacock

While on their JassOdyssey, Roland and Miles stop off in Atlanta. There’s a nightclub on ‘Sweet Auburn’ Avenue called the Royal Peacock. In a previous lifetime, before it was named after this colorful bird, the club went by the name ‘The Top Hat.’ During their visit, Miles and Roland saw another type of bird–this one was a ‘Jive Turkey’ and he got his wings clipped. Enjoy the music.