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interzioq #3: SoulEye’s interview – MMMMMM and PPPPPP

Hello what’s your name and how do you feel right now?
My powerful-viking-sounding name is Magnus and I am on a sugar high frenzy from eating a good-sized piece of chocolate and washing it down with an energy drink! 665 more words


Souleye album 'Shapeshifting' out now - 'The Victim' free download

Shimmering and intriguing, the track above is the first single from the similarly shiny new album from Souleye. ‘The Victim’ track can be downloaded for free from… 119 more words


Souleye offers a new style of hip hop on new album

A hip hop artist who is not cut from the same cloth as many of his contemporaries, Souleye is a rapper with a different approach. In his own words he’s: 134 more words


Video feature: Souleye, ‘The Victim’ (official video)

A new single from US rap artists Souleye, ‘The Victim’ is a hip hop tune with a conscience. Holding the attention with plenty of atmosphere, it kicks in with impact and keeps the feel ramped up throughout. 32 more words


New video: Souleye - 'The Victim'

Lyrically playing on the idea that many people in the modern world see themselves as victims instead of going about improving their own situations, ‘The Victim’ is the powerful new single from hip hop artist Souleye. 96 more words


'The Victim' video - Souleye, 'Shapeshifting' album released 27th Oct

‘I no longer play the victim, you’re to blame’.

High octane hip hop with a strong message, the new video from LA based rapper Souleye goes a long way to explaining why this artist in particular has captured so many imaginations since a breakout tour with Alanis Morissette in 2012. 102 more words


Souleye video - 'The Victim' out now, with album on the way

With a quickfire delivery and a sharp, fresh take on rapping rhythms, the track above is the latest release from Los Angeles based hip hop artists Souleye. 48 more words