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LRC Day 7 Wed, Feb 25th Read: Romans 1-8

Lenten Reading Challenge: Romans Chapters 1-8

When and Where Romans was likely written about 58AD from Corinth, just before Paul’s final journey to Jerusalem and resulting arrest, imprisonment and ultimate execution. 648 more words

Life On The Verge: The Courage to Listen

Thank you for your tremendous response to my first blog, My Long Road To Right Now. You have fired me up to continue sharing my journey that started with a big, bold intention to write a book about daily practices. 353 more words


Practical Spirituality and NVC

–by Marshall Rosenberg (Feb 13, 2015)

Whenever Marshall Rosenberg speaks about deeply held beliefs—spirituality, concepts of God, views of love—two themes always emerge: 1) the greatest joy springs from connecting to life by contributing to our own and others’ well being, and 2) spirituality and love are more about what we do than what we feel.  1,080 more words


Silence as an Alternative Consciousness

–by Richard Rohr (Jan 02, 2015)

For me, the two correctives of all spirituality are silence and service. If either of those is missing, it is not true, healthy spirituality. 384 more words


Todo Cambia / Everything Changes

–por Mercedes Sosa (Dec 25, 2014)

Cambia lo superficial
cambia también lo profundo
cambia el modo de pensar
cambia todo en este mundo

Cambia el clima con los años… 388 more words


That's Our Kung Fu

–by Heng Chau (Dec 18, 2014)

At the end of the bowing day, we did transference and drove into Pt. Arena to dump garbage. As we pulled into a closed gas station, suddenly we are surrounded by about ten men. 960 more words


La Pregunta del Ser / The Question of Being

–por Adyashanti (Nov 27, 2014)

Encima de la entrada del Oráculo de Delphi fueron escritas las palabras: “Conócete a ti mism@”. Vino Jesús y añadió un sentido de urgencia y consecuencia a la antigua idea cuando dijo, “ 971 more words