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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I come to you today to talk about society and what we have come to be.  We are all beginning a new into 5d and most of us do not understand what is happening to our minds and our thoughts.  240 more words


Soft Disclosure of The False REEL-ity Construct (earth vs. "the good place")

Except these characters have choices on their return.

I love how they state that “they are not in a simulation”.

Inverted Truth and Lies combo. 614 more words

I See...And It Shall Set Me Free

Thoughts 💭

Beyond all wealth, honor, or even health, is the attachment we form to noble souls, because to become one with the good, generous, and true is to become, in a measure, good, generous, and true ourselves. 12 more words


Buddhism and the precept against killing. + A possible nature of souls.

So…I’ve recently started consciously re-engaging with Buddhism. My last post, Can’t change who I am, I guess. Maybe just go with it?…has brought me back around to a bit of knowledge that was likely missing 2500 years ago. 1,005 more words


When Love Finds Me

When Love finds me,

he will be long overdue:

many lifetimes have I waited

alone at a table for two.

When Love finds me,

I will recognize him, 156 more words


It was that moment, two souls were fading away, never again mates.

aaj rung hai re maa, rung hai rii

And how do thoughts walk?

Gingerly stepping over brave ambitions, and crushed hopes, and you-s that we don’t recognise; boldly dodging the arrows. They carry an air of pride that boasts of not having been elsewhere before, announcing the visit of joy. 264 more words