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Hallucinations and Great Mood

The last few days I’ve been really happy and today it got a bit out of hand. I don’t think im manic or hypomanic or anything because Im not agitated or anything just massively happy and full of energy and loads of talking and generally just on top of the world. 158 more words

Piece 3...

Thank you for you are my friend,
The only person next to me at the end,
Thank you for the hand that you lend,
Thank you for the problems you mend, 49 more words


October Game Challenge: Week One (In Which I Am In Over My Head Already)

I have been dreading this particular challenge from the moment I considered it several months back. I may be mostly decent at games, but I’ve never played a From Software game, and I’m certain I’ve never played a game from a developer known for making the player die repeatedly, sometimes from seemingly innocuous causes. 571 more words


The Quintessential Other-Half

you never know

when you will meet,  how you will meet

sure is the meet

the meeting of the hearts and souls

looking for each other, cuddled in each other’s thoughts!


Between Souls

We believe in the illusions of the ego and it’s irresponsibilities, and therefore we experience anger, resentment and impatience, blaming others for our negative traits. Others can help us be aware of those negative traits that burden us. 26 more words

Science Of Being

Daily Aspects - Oct 5 & 6 - Outer Planets Get Personal with lots of Clarity

If there is ANY energies in the Universe, we must realize they come from the electromagnetic fields of the Stars and Planets. Unless you can identify the various energies and their specific source, you are in 3D to 4D trying to find the truth about many aspects of our human existence. 1,447 more words