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Latent Feelings

Latent feelings

Rushing inward

Deluging the soul

Undulating moments

Not a crisis

But awaits for time

For now acquiesced

In this predicament

These feelings

Will transform the life… 25 more words


The Souls Search

So here I am, contemplating The Universe again…

I do believe that every one of us get to a point where we want a “Change” to occur in our life. 133 more words

“But your fulfillment in life will not come from how well you explore your freedom and keep your options open… Your fulfillment in life will come from how well you end your freedom.”

353 more words
Innae Park


I’m at war
Fighting the odds
Mediocrity is the norm
Living your dream is just that a dream
The battlefield is filled with markings
Of my flesh… 22 more words

When Words Collided

The words collided

And feelings escaped

Trapped within for long

Words bridged the gap

Between yearning hearts

Words exchanged worlds

Giving a glimpse

Of each other’s world… 21 more words


Just Few Words

When few words

Can rekindle


Dying embers

Earlier doused

By naysayers

Thank the soul

Who comes along

To rescue

The once valiant heart

From fading away… 33 more words


Jesus Is Getting Closer

Times are getting worse but times are also getting closer. So, my sister was watching the VMAs and I decided to just out my earphones in. 762 more words