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Luigi Russolo with his assistant Ugo Piatti and their Intonarumori (noise machines)

The Art of Noise
by Luigi Russolo February 22, 2004

Luigi Russolo (1885 – 1947), Italian futurist painter and musician and inventor of the “intonarumori” expounded his musical theories in 1913 in this manifesto entitled “L’arte dei rumori” (The Art of Noises) in which he presented his ideas about the use of noises in music. 291 more words


「G I G N E S T H A I」

A song/sound experiment I wrote in a few hrs today.

Listen: preferably in darkness with decent headphones or speakers.



Researching the Choreography of Sound

Following an 8 year career writing and designing sound for contemporary dance, the Choreography of Sound is my first attempt at taking away the dancers and exploring just the movement of sound. 481 more words

Contemporary Dance

More homemade contact mics

Via the instagramma. I’ve been tinkering in the studio this evening, designing some new contact mics that run to an XLR (balanced signal) output. A bit ugly at the moment, but they sound pretty good with high responsiveness and minimal noise. 42 more words



I wrote this song, ‘Just a Shadow on a Wall’ in 2012 and recorded this demo version early in 2013. It lives its time out on my old Soundcloud page from uni days. 390 more words

The Bristol Hum festival 2017 - Site Singing live performance

I am making a new live work for The Bristol Hum 2017, which layers and re-interprets recordings of my work so far on Long Barrows, chiefly using a field recording from Stoney Littleton sung over live by myself with Chloe Turpin and Leila Gamaz at Arnolfini (listen below). 442 more words