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Hello work in progress!

Here’s a quick peek at something we’re currently working on, an installation inspired by how babies – specifically Abi’s baby daughter Zora – make sense of the world. 37 more words

Looking, listening, feeling and remembering in the gallery

Eighteen people came together for Art Chat at Leeds Art Gallery on 16 April to talk about “art for the senses”. The session got us thinking and talking about different ways to experience art. 768 more words


New Album: sfrecord~

I have recorded a few of the pieces I have been working on lately and included them in an album.


If you are familiar with Max/MSP, then you would know that the object known as sfrecord~ will record the audio input to a file on the hard drive. 50 more words

Rhys Channing


Artwork by TDR
Photo by Katja Ruge

produced by : Sonae

label : @monikaenterprise

release date : 04/13/2018

CASM Exhibition: The Projection Project

I have been commissioned to create an audio/visual installation piece for a projectioneering exhibition at a Mandurah art gallery.

The Projection Project: Otherworlds
Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah – 63 Ormsby Tce, Mandurah…

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Rhys Channing

Synths for Lunch

A really cool modular synth set from m.0 out of SF. This was shot at The Stork Club in Oakland by Franck Martin.


Stanton Drew stone circle and cove 3D collage

Sometimes when its dark I imagine the sites I have visited in that same darkness. I imagine myself exploring, and absorbing the atmosphere.

A while ago I found an incredible book,  157 more words