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Album Review: Motion Graphics - Motion Graphics

Excellent use of layered sounds, which no doubt originate from Williams’ custom randomised software instruments, subtly propel Anyware forward while the previously mentioned electronic-percussion repeats throughout, forming the backbone of the track.  103 more words


Part I Exodus: Metamorphosis the Game

The  Exodus(summer program) theme was Metamorphosis – Turn and Face the Strange. There are always different kinds of metamorphosis happening in Hot Chocolate Trust from the physical changes of growing taller or moving out, to the emotional changes of  struggle, loss and success.  540 more words

Hot Chocolate Trust

me - sound collages

artist: me
title: sound collages
keywords: experimental no direction in particular sound collage tds vaporwave weird whatever Antarctica

Dear Me, congratulations on your excellent new release, with its excellence mixes of rhythm, experimental sound collages, melody and odd atmospheres it really makes me proud; Not only proud about the music, but as well proud that it’s done by me. 230 more words


Orokin productores y las fuerzas n.brennan en su último servicio de la vanguardia, jump cut para proporcionar una muestra de servicio de diez colegios industriales intensamente oscuros. 97 more words


Instrument for blank architecture

IDEA: Challenge our assumptions about an object.

WHAT: A mobile listening device, adaptable to the space which it occupies. A tripod that is equipped with a balancing device and is generally used by a land surveyor to document landscapes and topographies, here, becomes an instrument dedicated to the exploration of mental landscapes. 41 more words

Stairway Echoes: A Personal Reflection

My initial interest in composing Stairway Echoes came from the many times I have walked up and down the stairs of The Hartt School and listened to the stairway’s sound environment. 755 more words