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Final Blog post

Today is the final hand in day for our assignment. As a team we have thoroughly enjoyed working together and have learned a huge amount about soundscapes and teamwork. 202 more words

Julien Beau joue à l'évènement Miroir

Le Miroir

Un évènement qui présente des musiques acousmatiques et des vidéos en 3 concerts et une installation, sur le thème de l’autoportrait, en grande partie à travers l’art sonore. 400 more words


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Boréal’s music drawings

IDEA: A method to express the synthesis between a music ensemble and the image of their sound. 

WHAT: Using a speaker membrane, a pencil and thread we constructed a machine that translated the sonic vibrations of Boréal’s music to drawings. 98 more words

W is for Amnon Wolman

I’m doing the A-Z April Challenge again. This year, I’m going to look only for composers born the same year as I was: 1955.

Today is W, and my choice is Amnon Wolman… 9 more words


Tropicale Melancholia

The phrase “Tropicale Melancholia,” is borrowed from the Tropicalista musicians and associated artists who revolutionized Brazilian music some time ago and still remain relevant today. I thought it was the perfect phrase, both semantically and in terms of its emotional valence, to describe my experiments with Black Goth – a post hip-hop style of music, and a perspective that takes into account the on-going struggles we face on the streets of America and throughout the Black Diaspora today. 127 more words


Soft Revolvers

IDEA: Exploring strategies for music performance by creating cohesive systems that integrate sound, light and movement. Blurred lines between the notions of instrument, interface, installation and performance by proposing new contexts for the musical experience. 132 more words