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This photo I took the other day, leaves little doubt as to what ‘Kyran’s mum’ – whoever she is – does in her spare time. 443 more words

13 June

Gabie Strong — Sacred Datura (2016, Crystalline Morphologies)


“What on earth is that sound and where is that coming from?” At least that’s what it appeared my cat may well have been thinking, ears shifting in every direction, body tensed as she drolly surveyed the unforgiving plains of my suburban living room. 315 more words

Album Review

U40 Rihards Bražinskis & Raitis Upens "Aldaris" : sensing a place and becoming one with...

After a quite long hiatus, Adrian Dziewanski is back to writing with its excellent blog : The Alcohol Seed – here he deciphers the modus operandi of “ 9 more words

A sound piece

I’ve made one and you can hear it here.  The track still has its lumps and bumps – it’s a first attempt and I’m still learning this new language of EQ and frequencies, gain and handling noise, windjammers, foamies, fluffies, omnis … 326 more words


Paisatges artificials, naturalment / Paisajes artificiales, naturalmente / Artificial landscapes, naturally

Embolcallats per una llum blavosa que incitava a l’escolta recollida, els assistents a l’Encontre en L’Espai-Temps de l’1 de juny van veure desplegar-se davant seu, en una curiosa experiència sinestèsica, doncs no hi havia projeccions, un enfilall de paisatges que s’anaven succeïnt amb total fluidesa. 392 more words

Gràcia Territori Sonor

The Whistler

Performance notes: Enlist a partner or more to improvise on a slide whistle or whistle with his/her lips while you read this poem, titled “The Whistler”: 194 more words