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First field trip with another singer - Over Bridge and Gloucester Cathedral

Having until now been a solo project, just before New Year 2016 I invited another singer,  Chloé Turpin, to join me on a Site Singing field trip. 1,052 more words

Nurse With Wound/Cyclobe - Angry Electric Finger 2 (Part 5)

In the early noughties, Nurse With Wound sent out some raw ingredients to be cooked up by three performers. 1 was Jim O’Rourke, 2nd was irr.app.(ext.), and the 3rd was Cyclobe. 70 more words



Today, was the day a statue grew out of my head, and all the while the police were waiting, patiently waiting in the background, to arrest the mutant that was me. 142 more words

Welcome to the (Electronic) Jungle

Happy Spring Break!

I’ve been taking this week to explore places I’ve never been before, prep for my senior recital, and generally just relax before the hailstorm of midterms and rehearsals I’ll be thrown into once we’re back in school. 261 more words