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CIA Director John Brennan and His Personal Email

Hacking The Government

This year, “hackers have broken into the State Department server, stolen nonpublic details of President Barack Obama’s calendar, and obtained more than… 282 more words

Sound Bites

ProStar Offer's Security Awareness to Las Vegas Business Owners

Small Businesses Need More Security Awareness

Just a few hours from now I’ll be presenting to business leaders in Las Vegas – Sponsored by ProStar… 599 more words

David Stelzl

Physical Security Meets Digital Security - The New World Is Fast Approaching

IoT – The Internet of Things Changes Security Forever

This week at Gartner, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the top 10 things to watch in 2016. 410 more words

Sound Bites

pope francis, master of the sound bite

Pope Francis’s jam-packed visit to the USA is over. Media outlets and Catholic journalists reported on every papal utterance and each small act. Commentators parsed each speech and homily to extrapolate hidden meanings. 423 more words

Pope Francis

This IS possible

I’m on a bit of a high this morning.

Last night was my last swim session before this weekend St Helens Triathlon. and for the first time, I manage race distance…  in fact I managed more (because I got confused on the swim markers) 99 more words

Training Diary

Spiritual Evolution: Tolerance

I believe most discrimination and judgement – placing things in categories – stems from fear of the unknown. I wish as a required class in order to graduate you had to take a class on religions of the world (including atheism as its own belief – there are books from people who are very intelligent with logical arguments why they believe there is no God) where we had to read about different cultures and where taught by people who actually where of that faith/belief and could practice civil discussion about these, and a second class on cultures of the world again with books and taught by people who came from that culture. 379 more words

Sound Bites