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SOUND BITES: "Sweet Emotion"from Dazed and Confused

The slow burn of the intro to Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion kicks off Dazed and Confused. 56 more words

Sound Bites

Trump Facts Animated.

I don’t care who you are voting for or what your political agenda is, you have to admit Trump Facts is a pretty brilliant website from Cub. 124 more words

Video And Motion Graphics

The Growing Value of Data Demands Action

Your Client’s Data Value Demands a Response

Last week I spoke at the Oklahoma Technology Symposium at The Cox Convention Center downtown, and then again to business leaders at the Gailaria Country Club north of the city. 249 more words

David Stelzl

SOUND BITES: "Masked Ball" from Eyes Wide Shut

When Stanley Kubrick was making Eyes Wide Shut, he contacted composer Jocelyn Pook and asked if she had anything “weird”. 67 more words

Sound Bites

What's Back in Season? Sound-Bites Zine 7.0

Submit to Sound-Bites Zine, Issue 7.0.

It’ll make you lucky! This time around, listen to the storm.

Is it booming out loud or a quiet patter of rain? 127 more words

The Hacker's Most Powerful Tool

Do You Understand The Power Hacker’s Have?

And Most of Us Are Helping Them On a Daily Basis

This October I will be delivering a keynote¬†at the Celaes conference, put on by Florida’s International Banker’s Association (FIBA). 86 more words

David Stelzl