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Spiritual Evolution: Tolerance

I believe most discrimination and judgement – placing things in categories – stems from fear of the unknown. I wish as a required class in order to graduate you had to take a class on religions of the world (including atheism as its own belief – there are books from people who are very intelligent with logical arguments why they believe there is no God) where we had to read about different cultures and where taught by people who actually where of that faith/belief and could practice civil discussion about these, and a second class on cultures of the world again with books and taught by people who came from that culture. 379 more words

Sound Bites

Take My Spouse Please with Dani Klein Modisett

I had a great time chatting marriage and laughter with Dani on today’s show. The rules of comedy DO apply. Gotta laugh!!



Chatting it up with Claire Cook! Women's Wellness Day Sept 19th!!

i have room for three more at my table. If you’d like to join us September 19th (I am hosting a break out session!) please email me robin@readingwithrobin.com… 10 more words


Jennifer Weiner's -Who Do You Love

Had SO much fun chatting with Jen Weiner on today’s show! Her latest novel, Who Do You Love is a unputdownable . It is charming, funny and heartfelt. 89 more words


Economic Espionage - Every Company That Uses Computers Take Note

Credit Card Data Is A Commodity…It’s The Company Secrets That Profit

How Secure Is Your Data – What About China?

The big companies have had their share of horror stories with credit card theft this year, but are you and your customers watching the trends in Espionage?   1,084 more words


The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan

Much to think about in the latest from Janice Kaplan – The Gratitude DiariesWho knew that gratitude figures into so much of what can make us more productive, healthier and happier people? 49 more words


The Best of Enemies with Jen Lancaster

I am SUCH a Jen Lancaster fan! From her heartfelt memoirs to her hilarious fiction – each book a winner! The Best of Enemies is one of those books you’ll be sharing with your bffs and maybe even theirs! 35 more words