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CMW 2017

It’s Canadian Music Week! Which means more than just being able to drink until 4am. Take my advice and go see these bands.

Thurs. April 20th… 533 more words

Sound Bites

Spring Springing Zines

Zine submission info in the last photo! Get nostalgic, baby!! It’s spring and I’m hopelessly optimistic that this will be the best issue ever <3 Love you all.

Lent - Day 30 - Jesus Questions

“Don’t you understand?” (Matthew 15:16)

We live in a hurried and worried world. Does it ever feel that way to you?

Time seems in short supply.

434 more words

The One Thing That Will Get Clients Reading Your Security Assessment Report...

Wait, Does Anybody Actually Read Your Risk Assessment Reports?

Assessing RISK is one thing. Writing readable reports is another.  And if no one is going to read your work, why write about it? 802 more words

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The Long Tail of Security Assessments

Decoding The Security Assessment Sales Opportunity

And Why You Can’t Afford Not to Know What Your Client Is Asking For (Or Actually Needing)

Most IT Services Companies do security assessments. 876 more words

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Remember Stuxnet? It's Back...Newton's 4th Law Perhaps?

Stuxnet Brought Disaster to Something That Needed to Die…

Why do Your Clients Need You?  After all, The Customer Is Always Right. Right?…Or Are They?  But before we get to that… 590 more words

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