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All the zine 4.0 copies are folded on my living room floor!

Not Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening



Promises to keep was a lie, he had nothing. Through

the woods. 283 more words


Three Things CIOs Need From You

Three Things You Can Do To Earn A Seat At The Table

Continuing from yesterday’s topic on, Things Sales People Do That CIOs Hate, last week’s keynote also covered three things CIOs really need…and can’t easily get internally. 325 more words


Cyberwar is Here in a Much Bigger Way!

Cyberweapons Are Here – Offensive Strikes From The US?

Does anyone remember S3? A small company out of Florida, about 15 years ago, called on me while I was running security for Dimension Data, North America. 255 more words

David Stelzl

Failure Can Be The First Step To Success

Listening to Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success

It’s Day Two at Check Point’s SKO 2016 Meeting in Nashville. Pictured here is Gil Schwed, CEO of Check Point Software. 174 more words

Sound Bites

Mircea Eliad

Myths are “the archetypal model of all creations, no matter of the plan which they relate to: biological, psychological, spiritual. The main function of the myth is that of establishing exemplar models in all the important human actions”.


Will Your Sales Team Survive 2016?

How Well Are You Positioned

…As Your Company Moves Away From Unprofitable Hardware Deals?

Big Changes Are Coming as we roll into 2016. Already I have had numerous conversations with Sales Managers and Business Owners, in both large and small VARs and Systems Integrators about this. 580 more words

Sound Bites