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Will it be silent?


Fujifilm announced a wide-ranging lineup of cameras for CES 2012 earlier today, but ifMirrorlessrumors is to be believed it was holding back a surprise. 167 more words

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Blimp Talk

Where are we up to with the blimp explosion then? No further on then. I f you want one today its Jacobsons and thats it. Plenty of promise but no delivery at the moment. 118 more words

Alex Bailey

The plot thickens further can you believe it?? Yet another sound blimp for stills cameras is announced. How many years of just the Jacobson and now there are potentially 4 new ones on the market. 142 more words

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More Blimp talk

From Larry Horricks

There is something called Shutter-bubble that looks very slick but rather unwieldy…i think the main reason to go to an aquatech would be if is significantly better ergonomically…because i doubt it will be significantly quieter than a Jacobson…since most of the sound comes out the lens tubes I doubt there is much more that can be done that Jacobson has not sorted.  184 more words

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Blimp Talk continued........

Hi Alex, are you talking about another contender beyond the Fatboy? I’m currently in the market for my first blimp. I’m considering either the Aquatech or the Fatboy at the moment, but I want something that will outlive my camera bodies.            139 more words

Alex Bailey

Blimp Plot Thickens........

Well I never…..Who would of thought it??? After all these years…… You have one dinosaur  on the market and then suddenly …..Your spoilt for choice!!!. A sign of the times maybe? 194 more words

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