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Sound Design Tip: Granular Synthesis With Traktor

The Process: A Very Brief Overview

I loaded a three minute track (at least a 16bit .wav) into Traktor and armed the effects panel with the following: time stretch fast, time stretch slow, and filter LFO. 116 more words

Sound Design

We Sell More Than Just Music. We Sell Customer Satisfaction.

People sometimes refer to Stephen Arnold Music (SAM) as the most-heard, least-known composers in America; a small company doing big things; The World Leader in Sonic Branding; etc. 242 more words

Stephen Arnold Music

Responding to: Pendulum Music Steve Reich 1968

Steve Reich: Pendulum Music (1968)

Created with swinging microphones over speakers which generate phasing feedback tones.

There is some sharp sounds and some deeper drones. It sounds artificial. 114 more words


A response to, Come Out by Steve Reich.


I notice a phrase “come out to show them.” it is looped through the entire piece. the words build into an reverberated echo. I’m listening to this on headphones.  302 more words



Creative Sound Design III: Spatializing Sound.

Space and sound have a dynamic relationship. Sound performs with and through space, it reverberates acoustically and socially. This paper explores the techniques involved with crafting sound for a range of spatial situations and the technologies integral to this process. 606 more words


A post about footsteps. Yes, footsteps! (by @lostlab)| #GameAudio

Hey, you all! it’s been a while (a month…?!), I know. But I have been up to lots of things, redoing my website and doing… 182 more words

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The Three Listening Modes ...


From reading this excerpt from Micheal Chion i have learnt about a new concept.

The concept of the three listening nodes.

Micheal Chion has seperated our listening into three modes. 174 more words