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The Hunger Games.

When deciding what to write about for my blog; I looked on the Dundalk sound design twitter. I found a video about the sound of the Hunger Games. 222 more words

Sound Design

"Limerence" Kickstarter update: I'm famous! (well, not really)

The director and producers of “Limerence” sat down with me and composers Alexa Borden and Connor Cook of Lexacon Music to talk about the sound design and music of the short film “Limerence.” The three of us worked on the… 41 more words

Sound Design

Practice Balance: A talk with Composer/Sound Designer Richard Gould

Meet Richard Gould. Richard is a composer, sound designer, and voice actor for film, video games and interactive media and currently juggles freelance projects while working in sound editorial for Bay Area post-production company… 5,519 more words


Literatura Sonora - La Audiovisión (Michel Chion)

“Vamos a ver una película. Veamos un documental. Miremos una serie”.

¿Acaso notan algo extraño en estas oraciones? Parece un detalle minúsculo, pero cada vez que hablamos sobre un producto audiovisual sin darnos cuenta lo reducimos a un fenómeno estrictamente “visual”. 414 more words

Literatura Sonora

A Game Dev World Interactive Map | #GameDev #GameAudio

Hey, people! I’m back!

So, I have been away for a while, for a good reason. I have moved from São Paulo (Brazil) to Vancouver (Canada) less then a month ago, and since then I got really busy finding a new home and making it fell….  168 more words

Game Audio

Step Forward Cue sheet

Below is a cue sheet that I have made to help me be more productive when creating the sound design the BBC drama ‘Step Forward. It may see to make not a lot of sense but I know whats going on. 373 more words

Nickelodeon Supaphresh

A supermarket managed by a pig in a suit, a half fish half dinosaur…all in a days work.

I recorded, sound designed and mixed all 5 Episodes of this upcoming pilot series, really fun (and hard work) 16 more words

Sound Design