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Halo Reach - "Deliver Hope" Trailer (Sound Design Re-Work Assignment)

For this assignment I was tasked to pick any game trailer and to strip it of all its audio. I then was instructed to redesign the audio and insert my own sound effects and soundtrack to the footage. 29 more words

Sound Design

National Theatre Visit; Light + Sound

On Monday 12th September of this year, our college was involved in a workshop at the Olivier theatre, with two of our most inspiration designers within the industry, both in which have earned many prestigious awards; 245 more words


Shadow of the Colossus Soundtrack

Shadow of the Colossus is a game I have always admired and enjoyed, how odd the concept is, the mystery that surrounded it – to the point where people scoured the game for years in search of a seventeenth Colossi, the fact it balances on the point between a game and a piece of art. 654 more words


Hi, my name is...

Rob, I’m a musician from Barnoldswick who is currently living in Leeds. I’m studying a Sound & Music for Interactive Games postgrad degree after studying a Popular Music Performance undergrad degree down in London.  688 more words


A Campfire Story

A month or so ago I started working with a fellow game audio enthusiast to design a playable showreel for our combined sound-making abilities! We’re both busy working on other things as well, so progress is slow but I’ve been developing my knowledge of Unreal lately and managed to add a campfire, toggle text and some lovely fire crackling sounds this weekend. 69 more words

Sound Design

Protect Your Idea ( Audio mix 5.1, sound design + Foley)

Protect Your Idea
One of the commercial compliance & Consumer Protection sector initiatives at the Department to Economic Development –Dubai, is to educate the business community of the importance of the legal protection for commercial intellectual creations through the formal registration of the copyright.