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Interview with Sound Effects Editor Matt Snedecor (Revolutionary Road, The Jinx)

Starting off as an Engineer in the music industry, Matt Snedecor worked with Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Faith Hill, and Luther Vandross, to name a few. Since 2005, he’s one of the top  movie sound effects designers working today. 1,392 more words

Akai Pads - Tropical Stabs

I love the pads on this tiny mpx8!  Awesome little controller, and it has an sd slot to be a stand alone sampler.


Sound Design

As a student of A.V and Sound design its extremely important to implement your knowledge of both areas together. As audio is 50% of film. Audiences are more able to pick up on bad audio than bad video, if you watch a film notice how much sound elements are actually involved, the key is being able to hear each individual sound. 111 more words

Sound Design

Technical Sound Design ; when designing a sound using many different effects and audio you need to be able to balance the sound so that you can hear each component separately for optimal effect. 126 more words

Sound Design

For this blog i’m going to discuss our last C.A. We we given a clip of a Lara Croft video game and we had to make and produce sounds to ad in. 134 more words

Sesame St "C is for Counting"

I have just finished a really cute spot for Sesame St. “The letter C”

It was awesome to work with ol pals Mike Greaney, Jamie messenger (who just composed and toured with Hill Top hoods) Andrew Bowler, Adam Hunt and Lucy Hayes. 104 more words

Sound Design

Game Audio and Sound Design Podcasts | #GameAudio #SoundDesign

So, as some might know, I have recently moved from São Paulo (Brazil) to Vancouver (Canada). I am loving this huge change in my life for now, and one of the reasons is that here the game and sound design community is much more active, social and easy to connect with. 298 more words

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