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RESEARCH - Influences - VOID

I had a lot of influences for VOID, however not all of them stuck.

My main one was Under the Skins soundtrack by Mica Levi, however there was a feature of Utopia’s soundtrack that I really liked, and that was the humming sound. 45 more words

RESEARCH - Influences - Guy

I had many influences during the research for Guy, but I had three main ones.

Te first influence was Mica Levi’s Under the Skin soundtrack. She created something incredibly weird which almost didn’t fit to the film when watching it, but because it was out of the ordinary and completely unique using violins, drums and various types of screeches, it worked. 171 more words

Using Automation for footsteps

The aim was to make a raw sample of dry footsteps turned in to sounding like somebody was walking away panning left to right (with reverb). 20 more words

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The story of a teenage deserter and his remaining 24 hours in WW1.

Click here to watch it. 

For this film I worked on Sound Design. 61 more words

1st Year

Just Desserts

Just Desserts concentrates on the life of Frank and his decisions in life and how they are going to pan out for him.

Click Here to watch it. 612 more words

1st Year

Setting Your Price Right | #Career #SoundDesign #GameAudio #Mixing

Doesn’t matter if you’re starting on business or already have some experience: setting your price for a project can be tricky. Don’t feel bad, it is for the majority of us. 445 more words

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Short Film: The Foley Artist (Feast Films)

If you are an amateur videographer, you may never have heard of Jack Foley. In our digital age, we seldom have to consider making sound effects for ourselves. 238 more words