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Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

What’s sound-induced hearing damage?

Every single day, we encounter audio within our atmosphere, like the looks from stereo and tv, home appliances. Usually, these looks are in amounts that are secure that our reading is damaged by don’t. 463 more words

//testing, music, and randomization

This week saw more work get done on the final area. With all my additions, I gave it a nice playthrough and I’m generally happy with the results. 261 more words

Developer Blog

Sounds of Silence

Yay season two is underway and this time we are working with several remote recorded artists. The studio is still the best so our main characters are recorded there, but Terry is still has no spaceship so he continues at home between jackhammer blasts from the construction site next door. 377 more words


Idea possibly using wind chimes sounds as sound effects for the light creatures

A Sound A Day - February.

Another month, another collection of sounds recorded.

The challenges of getting recordings that are good enough quality continue.When it gets to 7pm and I still haven’t recorded anything things can get dicey! 186 more words

Sound Engineer

Battlefield 1: A Game for Sound

Critically acclaimed and beloved by fans, Battlefield 1 is a beautifully crafted game. With it’s stunning graphics, addictive gameplay, rewarding multiple player experience, a moving and diverse campaign, and animation so realistic it can be downright gruesome in the best ways, it’s no wonder why over 100,000 players connect to their serves. 415 more words

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