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Act II, Scene III - Music/Sound Effects

At line 82, when it is discovered that King Duncan was murdered, I would have the sound effect of an orchestra playing a tragic-sounding tune. The music would run quietly under the words where Macduff is alerting them, and when others are speaking throughout the scene. 67 more words


Act II, Scene II - Sound Effects

When Macbeth is describing his murder, he recalls that he heard the words, “…’God bless us!’ and ‘Amen!’…” (II.ii.40). When he says this line, I would insert creepy whispers in the background. 58 more words


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Audio Rhetoric


  1. Tech Presentation Group #7
  2. Comment on a classmate’s blog
  3. Drafting Audio Analysis

After today’s tech presentation and some time to read and comment on a peers’ blog, we will spend the rest of the period drafting the Audio Analysis assignment due tonight at midnight. 128 more words

Sound Matters and Audio Rhetoric Examples


  1. Tech Presentation Group #6: Spotify
  2. Discuss McKee’s article
  3. Audio Rhetoric
  4. Homework

“Sound Matters” by McKee

I hope you all had a fun and relaxing mini-break. 490 more words

Hello, I am Pachu777

I feel bad sometimes about not showing Tomoko enough about what I do. So If I write in this, I can post constantly without being a bother on Facebook. 82 more words

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