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Everything You Need To Know About Sound Engineering

What is Sound Engineering?

Sound Engineering involves capturing sound, recording, copying, editing and mixing with the use of electronic and mechanical instruments.

Have you ever been awestruck by the music and sound effects at a concert? 328 more words

Sound Effects

Sound Design - Lesson 2 (Logic Pro X)

At the beginning of the lesson, we learned the basics of sound waves and how sound travels in a room. We were given an example of how when you clap next to a wall, you can hear the clap sound bounce of the wall and travel down the room. 226 more words

Unit 58 - Animation Soundtrack

The Early Years: Jim's Clarinet Sounds Like A Chicken

So last week, I posted an ancient report card progress report and mentioned that when I played the clarinet, our dog, Miss Marple (AKA “Missy”), would plant herself in front of me and howl. 365 more words


Introduction to Sound Design

In Sound Design today we discussed the effect of Music and Sound Effects in games.

I have chosen the soundtrack to the 2015 game Life is Strange, the game is highly based on its story and aesthetic rather than focusing on the core gameplay. 142 more words

Induction 2017

Sound in Games Design

Today in the introduction to sound and music in games design we were asked to find examples used in games where either music or sound is made to affect the player quality of game play. 184 more words


Introduction to Sound Design in Interactive Media

Today in Sound Design, we looked at examples of sound and music being effectively used within forms of Interactive Media, and subsequently looked at why they worked well within their contexts. 264 more words