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What Location Sound Recorder Should I Buy?

One of the most common questions I get from students is “what recorder should I buy?”. There are a few ways of answering this question as the right recorder depends on your circumstance, goals and budget. 1,004 more words


How Sound Affects Your Story

Sound effects can make a huge impact on the story you’re trying to tell. Here’s a clever ad for Soundsnap.com, which shows exactly that.


Hear These - Top New SinglesĀ 

If you’re reading this expecting me to begin a short discussion about two tracks of the same genre, or even bearing any remote similarity, then I should add a note here; disclaimer: these two top singles could not be more different. 162 more words


The Wilhelm Scream: Hollywood's Favorite Stock Sound Effect

For 33 years or so, my brain has thought of Star Wars when hearing a particular sound effect which I’ve now learned is called the Wilhelm Scream. 196 more words


Legend of Zelda SFX For Cinnamon 2.6 Desktops

I always loved Ocarina of Time. Below is a link to a GZ file containing some of Nintendo’s best, and a bash script to install them. 51 more words

Sound Effects

Sometimes Saturday

Sometimes Saturday finds me recounting a story to James.

It follows:

I’ve recently realized that I am making sound effects subconsciously.

For instance, when I open a door, I will make a “rrrarrrt” noise.

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Free Sounds Resource

Thought this might be helpful for some folks or game developers who might need sounds for their projects.
Source: http://soundbible.com/
Licenses: Creative Commons (Varies per file) 25 more words