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So Bad It's... Episode 5 - Army Men


P-choo! P-choo!

Such were the sound effects emanating from basements everywhere, courtesy of the mouths of many an 80’s kid as we enjoyed endless hours playing with those little green men of our youth, army men. 180 more words


Let's Make Some Noise!

My wife hates it when I scream. Sometimes I’ll blurt out my comments really loudly at inopportune moments. I’ve been known to just screech out profanities when absolutely nothing is going wrong. 193 more words


Music & Sound Summer Camp 2016

Enjoy the results from the Fountaindale Public Library recent Tween and Teen Summer Camp focused on Music and Sound. The Tween and Teen patrons rebuilt the soundtrack to a game trailer using recordings and sound effects.

Studio 300

When Sound Design Choices Compromises Gameplay | #GameAudio

For the every day game players, sound design is not something that is really noticeable, unless something goes wrong. I don’t mean to say that our area is not important, not at all. 710 more words

Game Audio

Spacey Funk Rock - 100 BPM - D Minor - Backing Track

Somewhat futuristic. It’s a rock track with funk elements that we all love.

Get more daily FREE backing tracks to inspire you and help you improve your playing. 78 more words


Quick Public Speaking Advice (Descriptions)

When you are around your kids you feel safe and comfortable. You embrace the roll and and play into it. You voice characters’ in books and add sound effects. 38 more words

Public Speaking