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Episode 10 The Doctor and the War on C.A.C. XI pt2

This episode should be listened to with headphones as I’m experimenting with a binaural effect for the explosions achieved by splitting the stereo track and shifting one channel of a stereo track ever so slightly off and sometimes duplicating the track in the center as well. 241 more words


second last short film

My semester at Tisch has officially ended and I am so overwhelmed by the realisation that I’m leaving NYC in a month I’ve just been eating my feelings away. 292 more words

Little Adventures

Free Wooden Box Latch Samples

Free download of foley recordings of a metal latch on a small wooden box!

Available to download via SoundCloud


Here is great audio blog worth checking out! Schraudio is a blog ran by a friend of mine who never fails to share very interesting and enjoyable content, also while you are there check out his youtube content for any work that he may be doing, and check out his logo animation to check out my voice over!

Doctor Two

Call me slow but I’ve only just realised how much like a Disney Princess our doc is after re-editing episode 4 while listening to Emma Watson singing Belle’s song – you know they are both intelligent young ladies who are wanting so much more than their well meaning elders have planned. 230 more words