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So much Star Wars awesomeness

The Sounds of Star Wars from Rishi Kaneria on Vimeo.

A collection of the sounds that are unmistakably Star Wars.


Film Soundtrack Components:

Task 1: Explain these film soundtrack components:


Music is used throughout film and other media in numerous different ways, most of which are laid out in Zofia Lissa’s… 2,114 more words

Sound And Moving Image

Game Design Journal XXIV - Listing Out All the Needed Art is Scary

This is kinda freaking me out. I decided to go through my script for the game and list out all the background art, expressions/poses for characters, and sound effects I would need.  929 more words

Blog Posts

noises-to-hand #1

I am examining the gestures involved in operating noisemakers and sound effects as part of my research. This video features some of the noisy things from my own collection.


CIU 212 (post 10)

Looking back at what I achieved so far this trimester is pretty satisfying.In terms of what I manage to create in the past 13 weeks.Just to remind everyone again my role in this project is that I’m in charge of creating all the audio assets for our game which includes sound design and composing tracks.In terms of the audio side of things I managed to create about five full length demo tracks so far which reflected on the theme of our game,which is horror,A foley list as well was created and I was also able to record an impulse response of a bunker.Adding to that we’ve managed to make a short teaser trailer as well with sound. 617 more words

Game Feel in Hearthstone

From Urban Dictionary user TheLostSkeleton:

Game feel is a nebulous-yet-tactile sensation that dictates how fun or engaging the act of playing the game is. Game Feel is often a combination of many different (sometimes minor) aspects, including how much audio/visual feedback you are provided for doing something “right” within the game. 485 more words

Game Design

One More In The Bag

Remember that reading of the Elder I mentioned a couple days ago? Well I’ve sat down and added subtle sound effects to it as well as a harp/string instrument in the background to give it more atmosphere. 22 more words