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The busiest week thus far in tri 5 with plenty of studio pracs and recording sessions this week.On Tuesday we were back in the C24 mixing what we had done for our Prometheus post production clip in 5.1 for the first time.Before the prac began Brandon our facilitator explained about speaker calibration for film and tv sound mixing. 762 more words

Krrrashhhh! 25-Feb-2015

As kids, we would eagerly wait for dad to come home and bring us a copy of Indrajaal Comics featuring heroes such as Mandrake the magician, and Phantom. 96 more words

The Quirkiness Of Words

Creating a radio play with no experience.

I have decided to give myself a challenge The challenge is to create a radio play from scratch with no experience and the most basic of tools. 1,112 more words

What It Is That I Actually Do?

Sound Effects

Listed below are some of the sound effects that we will definitely require for the animated commercial.

The three levels of approach of music composition

To contribute so that people make more music. That is the goal of ARPEGE in term of cultural contribution. I deeply believe in the aesthetic power of music and what it can bring. 1,113 more words

Music Composition And Computer Software


For this weeks class assignment what we had to was basically re-do all the sound from a short movie clip.This included doing all the sound design/creating sound effects of that particular world and the objects,recording ADR and doing foley.Furthermore we had to keep in mind that we had a target audience which is likely to be authentic alien movies fans,so they will be expecting realism associated with the technology of on screen visuals. 676 more words

Theatrical Endeavours

It’s true, I do theatre, too!

I got gussied up ’40s style, and filled in doing foley (sound effects) for a live “radio” show for Hangman Radio. 14 more words